Friday, April 08, 2005

Radio Archieves The D'Anne Burley Programs

Welcome to the D'Anne Burley audio Blogger of prior programming. Please note that these programs can not be reproduced, copied and or used without the permission of BDS Production and or D'Anne Burley Host and the Producer of the D'Anne Burley Show. Thank you for visiting. Please let me know what you think of this site.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Black op is subliminal transmissions used by the intelligence agencies according to Area Commander Pribble of Homeland Security. Nonlethal weapons use electronic warfare, electromagnetic warfare, acoustic warfare, psychological warfare and voice to skull transmissions. See the Air Force manual on nonlethal weapons. See Protecting the Homeland by Richard Brennan free on th internet. It appears to be communist propoganda for the Army. See the nonlethal weapons of Jim Schlessinger's son. See Thomas Sanderson of Transnational Threats Initiative, a low intensity conflict group under federal statute. I am opposed to nonlethal weapons.

A pencil-like device can be pointed at a person's head and voice digitized to transmit the voice of the victim to the victim in words spoken by the intellingence agent or contractor to make the person think they are talking to them selves or to harrass to to make the person sick. AREA COMMANDER PRIBBLE SAYS BLACK OP IS SUBLIMINAL TRANSMISSIONS USED BY THE INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. NSA arrived in force with contractors in 2002 in the Cook County area. The US State Dept. put microwave like towers on water towers to contaminate water with radiation. Power taken from the state of ILLINOIS.

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