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Talk Show Host D'Anne Burley, on Truthradio,.com & her assist. Mike Katz under attack by Government agencies using Hospitals, DCFS, Tollway fines ..

Internet Radio and Television Producer D'Anne Burley, and Mike Katz are under attack by Government Agecnies within the State of Illinois and Federal Government to stop them from reporting the "Truth on Radio" of Illegal activities used against Whistle blowers and others who have attempted to speak out about corruption in America!

International Radio Host D'Anne Burley and Mike Katz have become victim to a invisible conspiracy in Illinois. Whereby those involved have CLOUT and connection to Hospitals, Tollways, Courts, and everything else at their exposure to use on the backs of the tax payers to terrorist those who are real reporters who seek to talk out and speak out about the truth!

D'Anne Burley, who spoke up about Terrorist cells in Illinois which were not reported in the media nor investigated by any agency has been under attack for a long time with these people using political offices not to investigate her claims and later using the same to cause her harm in by cutting off child support payments prior to them ending which she fought to get corrected, by refusing her pleads to investigate corruption and criminals activities used against her relating to her former business partner Steven "Suhail" Al-masri being involved in a terrorist cell in Palos Hills Illinois, Fradu against her bank account whereby the Attorney Generals Office and other Policing Officals Refuse to investigate and or arrest NYC and CHicago area based Counterfeiters involved in defrauding her bank account, rental fraud commited by persons who were not owners of a property she had rented in Hinsdale Illinois whereby the policing Officials allowed a woman to commit rental fraud, her claimed to be a nurse without illegal INS status with a US social security number and also various names and address none connected to her owning and having the right to lease property in a further conspiracy to harm her! This person could have been a Special Op Agent sent to harm and or kill her because she was involved in investigating and reporting TERRORIST CELL ACTIVITIES IN ILLINOIS WHICH INCLUDED A FLIGHT SCHOOL! Please read within this blogger D'Anne's story of her plight before and after 9/11 WTC Attack whereby the Government inside and outside of Illinois were not interested in looking into her investigated and well documented reports. Her former business partner was arrested for 52 mega tons of drugs coming into the US via "Operation Mountain Express II" and another man who was also involved in terrorism against the US also in Chicago Illinois who was the President of The Al-Salaam Mosque Foundation which the press change its name to the Mosque Foundation to further coverup the ties to Al_masri who was the CFO, The President Ghassan Ballut was arrested by the DEA for headingup the Nations Jihad out of the area of the southside and aouthern suburbs of Chicago. It was felt that these people were involved in providing money into Terrosist cells to be used against America but those in law enforcement did nothing other than attack Miss Burley,in all ways available via the agencies they are a part of, this is alleged by Miss Burley and is within lawsuits she filed in Illinois that were not allowed and heard Ex-partee within her having any justice and Civil/Equal Rights under the law.

D'Anne was also the victim of a bio-terrorist attack on her home by unknown assassins placing a bio-hazardous animal outside her home in a heighten state of Emergency not even Homeland Security would Investigate this after her son came down with a Bio grade pneumonia that officals within the Governor's Office and others did nothing about!,

Thern after taking ill because of high blood pressure she when into Hinsdale Hospital whereby she had be given medicines and she alleges made her worse, and placed within a ward area which the hospital cause her condition to get worse and was the victim of Racism within based on treatment!

Since then she alleged that each time she has gone into area hospitals she has received ppor and or no treatment for herself and other family members as a means to kill her off to shut her up.

And this is noew happening to her assist Mike Katz, who has become invesitgated right after coming on board with her program whereby the DCFS was called on him for his daughter who he and his wife had taken to the hospital for Anorexia countless numbers of times and the hospital felt that his child was not someone they could treat and felt that she was fine for outpatient treatment.

His daughter was 76 pounds and he and his wife had gone to the doctors and hospital with her whereby the hospital stated they had no way of doing anything in house to help her.

But after Mike came into D'Anne Program and started working with her with her program DCFS was called in, they were going to take his child into Chicago Illinois, instead of a area hospital close to Mike's home. D'Anne attempted to get him in a better hospital but they did not have the program so he ended up at the door of the same hospital who told him they had nothing to help her if she was a inpatient.

The funny thing is that his child was in for a exam for DCFS at 76 pounds and slipped and fall within the hospital and his wife told them that they needed to treat her or she was going to complain to others, upon doing this they took his daughter in and she was hospitalized for over a week within which time she gained over 35 -40 pounds and now weights over 100 pounds in less than a week! If they could do this now why wasn't it done before and why is DCFS not looking into the Hospital for Neglect?

Instead DCFS whith court ruling, and any other thing else has charged the Katz with Neglect. I seems to D'Anne that this is not by accident!

Within the last week D'Anne was contacted by the same persons involved in defrauding her station owner and his wife. These people called her just days before he announce that they had gotten his bank account number and had taken money out of his account, again the police in his area of California will do nothing.

The same people pleaded with D'Anne for her to give out her banking information so she would receive, gas coupons of $100, $200 for free airfares, $500 in free grocerys and 35% off of other things within a coupon book all D'Anne needed to do was giver them her banking information. Was it indeed by chance that the same thing happened to Richard the owner of Truthradio? Please!

I spoke to a Doctor who spoke out and is involved in medical peer reviews whereby doctors are being either forced into doing as they are told in taking care of patients . I asked him if there is a hisotry of Hospitals being told not to treat certain patients. I was told "YES" and there is a big issue of this happening all over the US. In Chicago the US Attorney has a case involving the death of patients at Edgewater Hospital whereby the patients where over medicated based on what was alleged in the suit in order to over bill medicare, and medicaid.

Doctors are being forced to do as told, and will not be hired if they are not involved within these conspiracies against patients there are a number of suits filed and won by doctors who had been under peer review whereby they do not have legal right in courts before their license can be removed by hospital corporate review boards who control the industry.

Many people are death and I am questioning the fact to there were to major politicans in Chicago, in fact too Mayor's who may have been unplugged and or not fully treated because of those who control the hosptials have control of the life and death of patience, and this is what D'Anne believe's is the cause of her major illiness because she is on the list. Once you come in the hospital they have you SSN number and now they are taking your Drivers license and ID card. they know who you are and can code within record how you are going to treated by what the corporation orders and or what they see as far as your issurance. If you have one that pays little they will do other things to you so that they can over bill you look at the reports for the Hospital Accountibilty Center in Chicago Illinois which did a report on this issue.

Mike Katz and D'Anne Burley need's the support of Truthradio listeners and others because this can and will happen to you if they decide you are a problem or you do not have the right issurance coverage.

Doctors are being forced out, not hired and other things happen whereby they can not work in the medical field.

Many have given up licenses to tell us what is happening behind the scenes.

Please note that D'Anne had invited those from the Governor of Illinois's Office, DCSF and others on the program to talk about this issue but they have so far either refused a interview and have not contacted her back.

The D'Anne Burley show on May 9th will talk about this issue and the coverup in Mike's case if they haven't attempted to murder D'Anne which she is alleging that they are doing to coverup and hid all the corruption within Illinois and Federal Government!


THEY HAVE RAPED ANOTHER DOCTOR IN A ATTEMPT TO SLIENCE HER! READ ON AND THINKTHIS COULD BE YOU AND MAYBE THE MAYOR"S OF CHICAGO WASHIONGTON AND DAILEY who both were eating at the time did not die of heart issues, and again this is what D'Anne has now from these hospitals HEART Problems.

Mike Katz child gain 35-40 pounds in less than 2 week within a hospital when he was told they could do nothing inside better than him taking the child home, now were they ablt to help her then? And why is the DCSF NOT LOOKING INTO THE PATIENT LEGLECT WITHIN THE HOSPITAL FOR NOT PROVIDING TREATMENT PRIOR TO THEIR INVESTIGATION!

D'Anne told her grandchildren in these same hosptials and they did nothing for a baby 3 months old nor for a 4 yr old. What is really happening?

She was also herself admited into the same one it's main hospital and for fluid in the lungs, upon going into her room she went into the bathroom, whereby upon coming out she found nurses going into her purse looking at everything, she had, when questioned she was told this was the hospital procedure which she was told later by patience service was not, and they have not contacted her back since she reported this!

In another hospital she had to remove her own tubes because no one can in to do this when it looked infected after being in for over 1 week! The nurse was too busy and told her to do this! - Hinsdale Hospital again D'Anne complained and heard nothing!

Before you go into the hospital take many people with you to watch it can be a nightmare and you may never recover!

The Problem in a Nutshell

Copyright © 2005 Semmelweis Society International & Medical Education Foundation. All rights reserved.

Peer review is a process by which members of a hospital's medical staff review the qualifications, medical outcomes and professional conduct of other physician members and medical staff applicants to determine whether the reviewed physicians may practice in the hospital and, if so, to determine the parameters of their practice.

To encourage peer review, almost all states have granted immunity to participants in the peer review process from certain actions and have made the deliberations and records of medical peer review privileged from judicial disclosure. These laws protect peer review participants from liability for their participation in the peer review process and keep medical peer review information privileged even if such information is relevant and probative to a judicial proceeding. In granting these protections, legislatures have determined that limiting the rights of physicians to seek damages for peer review actions and denying malpractice plaintiffs and other litigants information relevant to their lawsuits are justified in order to encourage effective peer review.

In 1986, congress enacted the Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA), a federal law that provides protection from liability to healthcare institutions and physicians involved in peer review, as long as certain conditions are met during the peer review process. The law also established the National Practitioner Data Bank, a repository of actions taken against physicians, to which healthcare institutions must report those actions. The purpose was to prevent incompetent physicians from moving between states without being detected. An entry against a physician in the Data Bank can be equivalent to a death sentence, since it makes it very difficult for a physician to obtain privileges at any other hospital, since the latter verify applicants’ credentials with the Bank prior to granting or renewing privileges. The physicians are often left with no choice but to abandon their profession and obtain unrelated jobs.

Since HCQIA went into effect in 1989, thousands of adverse reports have been filed with the Data Bank. Unfortunately, a large number of the actions reported have been taken maliciously by hospitals and their medical staff against the physicians subjects of the peer review. The motives are usually economic in nature, but also include retaliation against whistleblowers, personal spite, and even disputes over a parking space. This process has been dubbed sham peer review, has now become a powerful weapon in the hands of hospitals and those physicians who hold the political power in hospitals, and is being misused nationwide. Many lawsuits against the perpetrators have been filed by the victims, but very few of them survived a summary judgment because of the immunity provided by HCQIA and because the conditions that need to be fulfilled for a peer review to be considered adequate, as defined by HCQIA, are very vague.

The award in August 2004 of $366 million to a physician by a Federal Jury in Texas for a single bad faith peer review highlights that this practice is adding tremendous cost to healthcare.

The use of bad faith peer review as an instrument to further widespread political corruption in Georgia shows the destructive nature of bad faith peer review, and the potential terrible consequences on the public. Georgia Senator Charles Walker has been indicted on 142 felony counts for stealing from Georgia hospitals. His scheme used bad-faith peer review to silence any staff member who spoke out. The effects of this corruption on Georgia are widespread.

No one can seriously believe that bad faith peer review affects only doctors. All of society is badly harmed when huge hospitals rip off the public, silence their doctors, impair medical care and essentially destroy the system designed to protect patients.

A review of 1000 cases conducted by Verner Waite, MD, FACS, founder of the Semmelweis Society, shows that at least 80% of peer reviews are initiated for economic reasons, and are not done in good faith. This is the most comprehensive review currently known. Upon review of these cases, the officers of Semmelweis find that due process in peer review is the exception, rather than the rule. It is rare to find any hospital that uniformly applies standards of peer review to the members of their hospital staff. As a result, thousands of physicians have lost their careers without any due process.

Bad faith peer review against one physician can silence hundreds of physicians and place physicians' livelihoods at extreme risk. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 physicians exposed to bad faith peer review never work again as physicians. It is also estimated based on extensive experience and review of the literature that 1 out of 5 physicians exposed to bad faith peer review commit suicide. Bad faith peer review is a greater challenge to the practice of ethical medicine than the malpractice crisis.

The State Boards of Medicine, which oversee physicians’ licensure, have uniformly refused to interfere or take action against the perpetrators for puzzling reasons, not considering this practice a breach of the ethics of Medicine.

Many voices have condemned this abuse of the system and have called for reforms of the HCQIA to no avail. The most prominent of those are the Semmelweis Society International, the Center for Peer Review Justice and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. In October 2004, both the Pennsylvania Medical Society and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons have separately passed resolutions to investigate bad faith peer review. The two physician groups said they plan to independently look into the misuse of hospital peer review proceedings as a way to retaliate against doctors who advocate too loudly or too persistently for better patient care. In both cases, the resolutions were passed by acclamation.

The resolution of the Pennsylvania Medical Society calls on the medical society to "explore all aspects of sham (bad faith) peer review and explore ways to prevent the misuse of peer review" including looking into "applicable laws and steps that can be taken to protect physicians' rights to advocate for quality patient care."

The Center for Peer Review Justice is to:

* spotlight sham medical peer review
* provide resources for both victims of sham peer review and their legal counsel
* work together to bring about legislative and judicial change
* network to voice concerns regarding due process, confidentiality and the politics involved in the medical professions
* share our victories and defeats

Preamble - What we believe in!

Who Are We?

We are a group of healthcare doctors -- physicians, podiatrists, dentists, osteopaths -- who have experienced and/or witnessed the tragedy of the perversion of medical peer review by malice and bad faith. We have seen the statutory immunity, which is provided to our "peers" for the purposes of quality assurance and credentialing, used as cover to allow those "peers" to ruin careers and reputations to further their own, usually monetary agenda of destroying the competition.

We are dedicated to the exposure, conviction, and sanction of any and all doctors, and affiliated hospitals, HMOs, medical boards, and other such institutions, who would use peer review as a weapon to unfairly destroy other professionals.

We are available to lecture and have presentations on the following topics:

1. Physician Peer Review Abuse (Sham Peer Review)

2. State Medical Board Abuse

3. National Practitioner Database Solutions

4. A topic of your choice

Call The Center at 504-621-1670 or email

us for details



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Whistle-Blowers Urge Congress to Get Tougher on Retaliation

By Stephen Barr

A group of more than 50 whistle-blowers called on Congress yesterday to strengthen
protections against retaliation by federal agencies when employees expose improper
activities or mistakes that could damage homeland and national security.

Sibel Edmonds , a former FBI language specialist, has taken the lead in forming the
group, the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition. She was fired as a wiretap
translator after alleging that a co-worker was leaking information about an FBI

Among those joining Edmonds at the Capitol Hill news conference were Coleen Rowley
, a retired FBI agent who faulted headquarters for not allowing Minneapolis agents
to pursue a terrorism probe before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks; Mike German , a
former FBI agent who said his career was "put on ice" after he reported wrongdoing;
and John Vincent , a retired FBI agent who spoke on behalf of Robert Wright , a
veteran agent who was fired after claiming the bureau had mishandled investigations
of the Palestinian group known as Hamas.

They and other speakers urged Congress to tighten up whistle-blower protections,
give inspectors general more clout to investigate employee disclosures, and take
steps to prevent agencies from stonewalling lawmakers on issues of homeland and
national security.

Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) said at the news conference that he would introduce
legislation to extend to federal employees and contractors whistle-blower
protections given to private-sector workers by the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which
was aimed at corporate accountability.

Markey said his proposal would protect employees from retaliation when they
reported to their agency or Congress concerns about national or homeland security,
public safety, or fraud, waste and abuse. Employees would file complaints at the
Labor Department and would have a right to take their cases to federal court if the
department failed to act within six months, Markey said.

The prospects for Markey's proposal are uncertain. He noted that he had offered the
proposal as an amendment to the fiscal 2006 authorization bill for the Department
of Homeland Security and that it had been rejected in committee on a party-line

At the news conference, the Project on Government Oversight, a whistle-blower
advocacy group headed by Danielle Brian , handed out a report that said government
whistle-blowers are coming forward in greater numbers since the 9/11 terrorist
attacks and are being greeted with harassment, dismissals, demotions, loss of
security clearances and other reprisals.

Because of the Sarbanes-Oxley law, the report said, corporate whistle-blowers "are
much better protected from retaliation than their counterparts in the public
sector, even though the consequences of corruption in government are equally, if
not more, far-reaching."

Nestor Arellano , a software designer at the Air Force Pentagon Communications
Agency, will retire Tuesday after 43 years of government service.

Harold Burghart , senior adviser in the office of chief counsel at the Internal
Revenue Service, is retiring today after more than 32 years of federal service,
including 26 years with the IRS.

Ken Hubenak , a public affairs specialist at the IRS, will retire Wednesday after
30 years with the IRS. He started in Dallas as a taxpayer service specialist and
has worked in media relations for 13 years.

Jeffrey S. Milstein , a senior policy and strategic analyst, retired March 31 after
31 years of federal service. He worked at the departments of State, Commerce,
Defense, Energy and Treasury, the White House and the CIA.

Kirke Harper , chairman of the Public Employees Roundtable, will be the guest on
"FEDtalk" at 11 a.m. today on .

Charles L. Kincannon , director of the Census Bureau, will be the guest on the "IBM
Business of Government Hour" at 9 a.m. tomorrow on WJFK radio (106.7 FM).

"Do I Still Have a Good Government Job?" will be the topic of discussion on the
Imagene B. Stewart call-in program at 8 a.m. Sunday on WOL radio (1450 AM).

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Chicago Metropolitan Association Council of UCC accepts task force recommendations on union organizing and elections at Advocate
APRIL 2005—On March 21, 2005, the Association Council of the United Church of Christ (UCC) Chicago Metropolitan Association (CMA) accepted seven recommendations put forth by the CMA Advocate Health Care Resolution Task Force. The accepted recommendations relate to the CMA’s involvement in upholding the CMA and UCC General Synod resolutions on the right and responsibility of workers to organize at Advocate Health Care.

The Task Force was named last year to consider a resolution passed last May. The Resolution, put forth by Rev. Matt Fitzgerald and members of Epiphany UCC, asks Advocate to end the discriminatory pricing of health care, issue a moratorium on lawsuits against low-income patients, provide adequate levels of charity care and community benefits, and respect their workers' freedom to form a union. More

The recommendations are available on the CMA website or by clicking here.

United Church of Christ Endorses Employee Free Choice Act
APRIL 2005--On April 5, the Justice and Witness Ministries of the United Church of Christ (UCC) formally endorsed the Employee Free Choice Act. This legislation, introduced by a bipartisan group of members of Congress, would require employers to recognize the union once a majority of workers signed cards authorizing union representation. It would provide mediation and arbitration for first-contract disputes and establish stronger penalties for violation of rights of workers seeking to form unions or negotiate first contracts.

Rev. Ron Stief, team leader of the UCC’s Public Life and Social Ministry Team, joined U.S. lawmakers, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, and workers at a briefing highlighting failures in current labor law. More

Click here to read the full story.

Majority of nonunion U.S. workers would form a union if given the chance
APRIL 2005--In a national survey conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates in February, 53 percent of nonunion U.S. workers—some 57 million—said they would form a union tomorrow if given the chance. This percentage has increased by nearly half over the past 15 years.

The survey also found that a majority of workers think that employees who have a union are better off than those who don’t. Furthermore, sixty-nine percent of workers say they think employees are more successful in getting problems resolved with their employer when they bring these problems up as a group rather than individuals.

But when workers try to gain a voice on the job by forming a union, employers routinely respond with intimidation, harassment and retaliation. Susan Hall, Certified Nursing Assistant at Advocate South Suburban Hospital, knows this to be true. After Susan appeared in a union leaflet, her manager pulled her aside and said, “We make examples of people who go around talking to other people, and there will be a sacrificial lamb.” Susan has filed an unfair labor practice charge against Advocate Health Care. The charge is pending at this time.

For more information on the survey, click here.

The Hospital Accountability Project released a report, Faith in Action, last fall that contains powerful stories of Advocate workers, like Susan, who are coming together for change, and documents the year-long campaign against them. Click here to view the full report.

Westside Community Launches Health Crisis Coalition
APRIL 21, 2005—The West Side Health Crisis Coalition (WHCC) was officially launched during an evening awards banquet April 21 at Mandell United Methodist Church. The goal of the coalition of Westside community groups is to bring attention and solutions to racial disparities in health care.

Mattie Holmes, resident leader for the South Austin Coalition (SAC), introduced the new coalition’s “Proposed Community Benefits Agreement” with Advocate. The agreement called for all stakeholders having a voice, investments in Bethany comparable to investments made in suburban hospitals, and access to health care for all in the community.

James Thindwe, Executive Director of Jobs With Justice, reminded Advocate of its faith mission. “We deserve good treatment. We are human beings. We are all God’s children,” he said. More

Over 200 community residents pack hearing on Advocate's charity care practices
MARCH 18, 2005—Cook County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado sponsored a hearing today at the Church of the Advent in Logan Square to investigate community group allegations that Advocate Health Care and its North Side hospital, Illinois Masonic are not providing adequate charity care.

“Advocate, which is affiliated with the United Church of Christ and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, needs to stand up and serve its mission,” said Lucy Gomez-Feliciano, health organizer for the Logan Square Neighborhood Association and co-chair of the Community Health Benefits Task Force, a coalition of 11 major community organizations on the north and northwest sides. Holding up a container of band-aids, Gomez-Feliciano said, “We don’t need these from Advocate, we need accountability.” More

To download a copy of the newly-released report, Double Standard of Care, that outlines how Advocate favors suburban locations for the number of classes and events it offers and its non-hospital sites of care, click here.

Patients stage protest at Advocate's headquarters
MARCH 17, 2005—“We’ll look into it”—This is a statement heard over and over by former Advocate patients attempting to get answers about the status of their charity care applications while they face predatory bill collectors, lawsuits, and a damaged credit rating. A group of twenty five patients and family members gathered at the Advocate corporate headquarter in Oakbrook today demanding answers. These patients all have one thing in common – they were sued by Advocate but fall under the stated guidelines of the health system’s charity care policy.

The patients presented $367,000 worth of charity care applications and a letter requesting answers on pending charity care requests. “We come here today asking for charity, not poverty for current patients, and for all former and future patients,” said Clifton Sanders, former Advocate Christ patient, who presented the stack of charity care applications. More

Click here to read the Daily Herald coverage of this event.

Former Surgeon General estimates that over 83,000 African American deaths could be prevented annually
MARCH 9, 2005—Three years after the release of the Institute of Medicine's landmark report on disparities in health care, efforts to narrow gaps in racial and ethnic disparities have not had much of an impact. A new study by former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher, released in the March/April 2005 issue of Health Affairs, estimates that 83,570 deaths could be prevented each year if the United States eliminated the black-white mortality gap.

Dr. Satcher examined U.S. mortality rates for African Americans and whites between 1960 and 2000. While the infant mortality rate for African Americans improved overall, the black-white gap during those years actually worsened for infants and for African American men age 35 and older. Blacks suffered 40.5 percent more deaths - 83,570 deaths - than would have been expected if they were white, according to the study.

To access the article go to

National NAACP supports Title VI civil rights complaint against Advocate Health Care
MARCH 2005—"When we talk about separate facilities being unequal and being funded by the federal government, then we have a situation that's operating against the law. Sometimes it's been going on so long that no one even questions if it's illegal," south side chapter NAACP President Phillip O'Bannon told members of the City Council Committee on Health at special hearing on Tuesday.

O'Bannon joined local community and religious leaders at recent events denouncing Advocate's racial disparities in major capital investments. He announced that the national NAACP passed a resolution calling for an end to Advocate's practice of "racial redlining" of hospitals, support for a Title VI civil rights complaint filed by community groups and support for workers' right to organize at Advocate. More

To read the full NAACP resolution click here.

Chicago Sun-Times: Officials say Advocate spends less on minority-area hospitals
MARCH 6, 2005—Rev. Jesse L. Jackson moderated a national forum on health care on Saturday, March 5th. The forum, co-sponsored by DePaul University's Health Law Institute and the Center for the Study of Race and Bioethics included Service Employees International Union (SEIU) President Andy Stern, Congressmen Danny Davis (D-IL) and John Conyers (D-MI), among other health policy experts.

Advocate was cited for putting the health of African American and minority communities in further jeopardy and not living up to the hospital corporation's faith-based mission.

The Chicago Sun-Times quoted Rev. Jackson in their coverage of the event. "Access to health care is seen by too many as a privilege and not a right. The poor get less of it and die earlier. The rich get more of it and live longer. We want to end the disparities. We choose the bargaining table, rather than the battlefield," said Rev. Jackson. More

Large crowds, emotional testimony at state, city council hearings
MARCH 2005—More than 100 community activists, clergy and Advocate Healthcare workers turned out hearings held by City Council Committee on Health to investigate alleged practices of "racial redlining" by Advocate Healthcare, the state's largest medical provider.

Committee Chair Ald. Ed Smith (27th) heard concerns that while expensive fitness centers and cardiac units go up at Advocate's suburban hospitals that serve largely affluent white clientele, significantly smaller investments are made at inner-city hospitals that serve mostly minorities.

"Advocate is doing all the things we have become used to on the West Side when a business or institution wants to close--letting service and supplies deteriorate, cutting back on staff and overworking existing staff," said Georgia Clayton of the South Austin Coalition Community Council. More

Internationally-recognized authority on racial justice disparages Advocate's inequitable investments
Investigative city council hearings announced at West Side luncheon of religious leaders

MARCH 3, 2005—Religious leaders on the West Side convened an "equity luncheon", sponsored by the Metropolitan Alliance of Congregations (MAC) West on Thursday, to discuss efforts to assure that Chicago's West Side gets fairer economic investments, including health care resources. Internationally recognized authority on racial justice and regional equity, john a. powell, delivered the keynote address. Dr. Powell, Professor of Law and Director of the Kirwan Center for Race and Ethnicity at The Ohio State University, emphasized Advocate Health Care's "separate and unequal" investments between its suburban, largely white hospitals and its urban, largely minority hospitals.

A representative of Alderman Ed Smith (28th ward) was present at the meeting and announced a hearing of the Chicago City Council Committee on Health on Tuesday, March 8th. A resolution passed by the City Council call on the Committee to investigate the Advocate Health Care's disproportionate investment in "resources in suburban hospitals serving predominately white communities to the detriment of its Chicago hospitals serving predominately minority communities." The hearing will be held at 9:00 a.m., in City Hall room 201-A. More

Advocate patients featured in national media stories on medical bankruptcy
FEBRUARY 2005—"The hospital saved my life, but now they were trying to kill me," Rose Shaffer summarized about her experience with Advocate South Suburban hospital in a story to run in the February 21st issue of The Nation.

Annette Ayers, a single mother, faced a $5,000 bill when her son Noel was hospitalized at Advocate South Suburban for asthma. Her modest wages were garnished $300 a month. "I tried to pay it but it was just too much…Once you get behind, it's hard to catch up. I had no other choice," Ayers told the Chicago Sun-Times in its feature cover story on February 2, 2005. She fought back tears in her interview on NPR's Marketplace.

The SEIU Hospital Accountability Project has heard similar stories from other Advocate patients. Through free legal assistance and patient advocacy efforts, the project is fighting back, calling for an end to the hospital's discriminatory pricing and for Advocate to begin automatic charity care discounts to the poor.

A Harvard study published February 2nd in Health Affairs found that 46.2 percent to 54.5 percent of the nearly 1.5 million person bankruptcy filings in 2001 were due in large part to medical problems. More

Trinity UCC Proclaims Jubilee
JANUARY 30, 2005—Members of the nation’s largest United Church of Christ (UCC) congregation proclaimed Hospital Jubilee this Sunday by calling on Advocate Health Care to end the injustices impacting its patients and workers.

During the last two years, Advocate executives have been under fire by church leaders for overcharging and suing low-income patients, discriminatory investment practices, and waging an anti-union campaign against its own workers. On Sunday, church members heard first-hand from Advocate patients and workers about their collective experience of this bottom-line decision making by Advocate. More

Community groups donate blankets, supplies to Advocate Bethany Hospital
JANUARY 17, 2005—Members of the South Austin Coalition Community Council (SACCC) presented much-needed basic medical supplies to Advocate Bethany Hospital January 17 in observance of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Blankets and blood pressure cuffs were donated in response to issues raised by hospital workers that addressed the disparities in capital investment by Advocate in its urban and suburban hospitals. Advocate is the state’s largest health care provider.

“Bethany hospital has become a B.Y.O.B. hospital, bring your own blanket, and that’s a tragedy,” said Rev. Gregory S. Livingston, pastor of Mandel United Methodist Church, standing with about 40 people in freezing weather outside the hospital. More

Pastors take a ‘freedom ride’ for medical equality
JANUARY 16, 2005—Clergy from Chicago’s West Side, some of whom walked with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., took a “Health Care Freedom Ride” on Sunday, January 16th to highlight what the call “medical apartheid at Advocate Health Care.

In the spirit of the holiday honoring Rev. Dr. King, the pastors, joined by Advocate Health Care workers, addressed the disparities in investments at Bethany and other Advocate urban hospitals that serve low income and minority communities compared to Good Shepherd and other suburban Advocate hospitals that serve predominantly affluent, white communities. More

Community groups protests Advocate official's "racially divisive" statement
JANUARY 15, 2005—Celebrating the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., members of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) marched on the home of Advocate Health Care's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lee Sacks, on Saturday, January 15th, in response to what organizers call a "racially divisive" statement made by Sacks about the quality of medical care.

During a November hearing on building a new Advocate hospital in Tinley Park, Sacks referred to Cicero Avenue as a dividing line for communities serviced by Advocate South Suburban Hospital, which serves approximately 50% minority patients, and the more affluent white communities that would be served by a new hospital to be built fourteen minutes away from South Suburban Hospital. More

To read local news coverage of the protest click here.

The Star reports south suburban village trustee "fears racial redlining" at Advocate Health Care
JANUARY 6, 2005—On Tuesday, the mayor and village board of trustees of Hazel Crest decided to send a letter of concern to Advocate Health Care about its plans for South Suburban Hospital.

The Star newspaper reported that Village Trustee Melvyn Freed "said during the meeting he fears racial redlining -- that Advocate is investing less in South Suburban because of the area's racial demographics."

To read the full story, click here.

"There is no justification for this type of disparity.”
Rep. Mary Flowers responds to “Separate and Unequal” report
JANUARY 3, 2005—Chicago Sun-Times columnist Francine Knowles interviewed Rep. Mary Flowers, chair of the Illinois House Health Care Access and Availability committee, about plans to investigate Advocate’s spending at its hospitals in minority communities [“State rep seeks probe of Advocate hospital strategy,” Jan. 3, 2005].

Responding to the report released by the Hospital Accountability Project, “Separate and Unequal: Racial Redlining in Investment at Advocate Hospitals”, Rep. Flowers states, “I was really outraged when I read the report. There is no justification for this type of disparity. At Bethany, there was not one penny invested in the infrastructure.”

To read Knowles’ column, click here.

Advocate’s billing and collection practices exposed in New York Times Magazine
DECEMBER 19, 2004—Wal-Mart cashier, Margaret Loncar, faced over $40,000 in medical bills from Advocate Christ Medical Center to treat her husband’s chronic lung and liver ailments.

A few months after her husband passed away, still overcoming her loss, Margaret learned that she had been sued by the hospital. Soon her paycheck was garnished almost $100 of the $680 (the maximum amount the state allows) she took home each week.

Read more about Margaret’s story and how faith-based Advocate Health Care’s billing and collection practices affect the working poor.

House Health Committee to open inquiry on Advocate's discriminatory investing
DECEMBER 11, 2004—Illinois State Rep. Mary E. Flowers (D-31st) announced today that she would call for legislative hearings on Advocate Health Care's "separate and unequal" investment practices at its urban and suburban hospitals. Flowers, chair of the House Health Care Access and Availability Committee, made the announcement during a meeting of west side clergy and activists concerned about the disparities in Advocate's capital investments. More

To learn more, read this story from the Chicago Sun-Times.

Daily Herald reports on protest at Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington
Activists highlight racial investment at Advocate hospitals

DECEMBER 8, 2004—Chanting civil rights slogans, a busload of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) members rallied outside Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington to call attention to disparate spending practices by the state's largest health care provider, Advocate Health Care.

After departing from Advocate Bethany Hospital, the local community hospital for many of the west side Chicago protesters, the bus stopped at Good Shepherd's multi-million dollar fitness center, a building a half-mile from the suburban hospital.

"We're here today because we wanted to witness the disparities, the unequal treatment by the same hospital system," said Rev. Robin Hood, an ACORN organizer who described the bus tour as a "Health Care Freedom Ride," in the tradition of the Freedom Rides of the civil rights era that helped to desegregate the South.

To read the story in the Daily Herald click here.

Federal Civil Rights Complaint Filed against Advocate Hospitals: Dual, Discriminatory System of Health Care Alleged
DECEMBER 3, 2004—A federal complaint was filed today by two community organizations charging Advocate Health Care with discriminatory capital investment practices at its urban and suburban hospitals.

The South Austin Coalition Community Council (SACCC) and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) allege in the complaint that Advocate invests more in hospitals that serve predominantly white patients than it does in hospitals that serve predominantly black and other minority populations, creating a system of “medical apartheid.”

The complaint was filed with the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services alleging a violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Act prohibits racial discrimination by corporations that receive federal funds. Advocate receives Medicaid and Medicare funds, as well as federal research, education and training funds. More

To view the media coverage of the separate and unequal racial disparities in investment at Advocate Health Care, click here.

Congressman and Pastors Denounce Advocate's Racial Redlining of Health Care
DECEMBER 1, 2004—The question of the day is 'Does Advocate Health Care value white lives more highly than Black lives?" asked the Rev. Dr. Marshall Hatch of New Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church at a press conference held this morning outside Advocate Bethany Hospital on Chicago's economically depressed west side.

Hatch joined U.S. Representative Danny Davis, Rev. Dr. Clarence Ray Kelley of the Metropolitan Alliance of Congregations, Father Michael Pfleger of Saint Sabina's Catholic Church and other religious leaders to release a new report, Separate and Unequal: Racial Redlining in Investment at Advocate Hospitals, exposing discriminatory practices of Chicago's largest health care corporation, Advocate Health Care.

The report, prepared by the Hospital Accountability Project, showed that Advocate:

* Invested almost 800% more - $232 million compared to $26 million - on significant capital improvements at its four hospitals serving predominantly white patients than on its four hospitals serving Blacks and Latinos.
* Spent $14,044 per licensed bed at predominantly white hospitals compared to spending $3,184 at its hospitals serving minorities.
* Proposed spending an astounding 1241% more this year - $276 million compared to $20.6 million - in predominantly white and affluent communities than on hospitals serving minorities. More

NBC Nightly News Report: Hospitals get hostile with the uninsured
NOVEMBER 29, 2004—In a feature story on NBC Nightly News, former uninsured Advocate patient Maggie Loncar tells of the extraordinary lengths Advocate Christ Hospital made to collect on her $13,000 hospital bill.

Ms. Loncar has been a vocal opponent to Advocate's discriminatory pricing and aggressive collections practices. Through the Hospital Accountability Project's patient advocacy campaign, Advocate Christ Hospital was ordered by the court to reimburse Ms. Loncar $1830 in garnished wages.

To read excerpts of the NBC feature click here.

Advocate Workers Call on Government to Investigate Unfair Labor Practice Charges
Former chief enforcement officer of federal Labor Board, Congresswoman call on Advocate executives to respect workers' freedom to organize

NOVEMBER 20, 2004—After Advocate Health Care workers attempting to form a union with the Service Employees International Union filed a dozen Unfair Labor Practice Charges with the federal government, Fred Feinstein, the former General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), called on Advocate executives to adopt fair guidelines that respect the right of workers to organize at a Congressional Town Hall Meeting on Saturday.

Several hospital employees described the allegations of unlawful threats and intimidation by Advocate managers designed to thwart their union organizing efforts to a crowd of nearly 200 attending the Town Hall gathering. More

Advocate expansion plans "sugar coat racist behavior," says Daily Southtown
State says no to new Advocate hospital

NOVEMBER 2004—The Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board denied Advocate Health Care’s application to build a new $222 million hospital in Tinley Park. The board expressed concern a new hospital in Tinley Park would reinforce racial and economic divisions in the southwest suburbs.

Board members questioned Advocate executives why they didn’t consider expanding Advocate’s South Suburban Hospital in Hazel Crest – just 14 minutes from the proposed site -- instead of building a new hospital. More

Advocate's tax breaks cited in Chicago Sun-Times
Columnist links health care access and cost to nonprofit tax breaks

NOVEMBER 2004—In his column that appeared in the October 30th issue of the Chicago Sun-Times, Ralph Martire, executive director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, wrote:

"One strategy for enhancing [health care] access is by giving generous tax incentives to nonprofit hospitals that serve low-income families. Known as ''charity care,'' the concept is simple: If someone who meets income standards visits a hospital, he or she receives the care free, or at a discount. In exchange, nonprofit hospitals are exempt from paying income, sales and property taxes. They're also entitled to solicit tax-deductible donations.

These tax breaks amount to real money. Over the last four years, Advocate Health Care, a large nonprofit provider, received tax breaks ranging from $73.9 million to $85 million annually. "

Click here for the full story.

County Commissioner Announces Hearings to Investigate Advocate Health Care’s Tax-Exempt Status
Elected officials and clergy call for greater disclosure of community health benefits and more charity care

OCTOBER 2004— State and county elected officials joined about 600 Lakeview community members in questioning whether Advocate Illinois Masonic provided its fair share of community health benefits in exchange for the value of its tax-exempt status. More

Neglecting Taxpayer Health
New report examines shortfall in community benefits offered by Advocate Health Care

OCTOBER 2004—Nonprofit hospitals have a special obligation to our community because they are supported by taxpayers. In exchange for their tax-exempt status, nonprofit hospitals are expected to serve a charitable mission and put the health needs of the community first, ahead of business objectives.

This report finds that Advocate takes more from Chicago taxpayers than it gives back in the form of community benefits. Advocate’s spending on community benefit programs averaged $35.9 million per year. However, the average annual value of Advocate’s nonprofit status during the four years in question was between $73.9 million and $85 million—more than twice what it gave back to Chicago in the form of community benefits. More

Members of Congress to investigate worker rights abuses
at Advocate Health Care

Thousands Show Support for Advocate Workers’ Freedom to Form a Union
OCTOBER 2004—U.S. Representatives Jan Schakowsky (D-9) and Luis Gutierrez (D-4) announced plans to investigate allegations that Advocate Health Care executives are violating federal labor laws by interfering with workers’ freedom to form a union.

Rep. Schakowsky and Rep. Gutierrez announced the investigation at the “Rolling Thunder” public rally sponsored by the Metropolitan Alliance of Congregations (MAC), where over 2,000 church and community members voiced their support for Advocate workers. The rally was on Sunday, October 17th at the Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel. More

Chicago Defender Reports: Advocate Health Care accused of failing poor patients and workers

ELCA and UCC church members react to Advocate worker testimonies
SEPTEMBER 2004—In a September 14, 2004, article in the "Chicago Defender", Richard Muhammad writes:

"Advocate Health Care, the largest health industry employer in Chicago, denies workers the right to organize and has forsaken its mission to the poor in a quest to make more money, according to the Hospital Accountability Project, former patients and some current employees.

In September, the Hospital Accountability Project is bringing workers, patients, pastors and congregations together at 'Jubilee Sunday' church services and calling for non-profit Advocate health Care to respect workers, deal fairly with patients and increase free health care." More

What people are saying about "Faith in Action"
SEPTEMBER 2004—"The worker rights abuses committed by Advocate management against Advocate employees are appalling. They are entirely contrary to Jesus's teachings on love, human dignity, and power sharing. A faith based institution should nurture an environment that is encouraging of its workers to organize a union so that employees will have a real voice in their workplace, and therefore have the opportunity to fully express their dignity and spiritual equality with each other and with management …. Those of us involved in the social justice efforts of the United Church of Christ must redouble our efforts to convince Advocate Health Care management to meet its spiritual responsibilities and to abide by the worker rights resolutions of the UCC."—Ross Hyman, Chair of the Amistad (social justice) Committee Epiphany United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL

Click here for more comments about “Faith in Action,” the report that describes the year-long management campaign against Advocate Health Care employees who are coming together to improve patient care and working conditions by forming a union. More

New report highlights Advocate’s campaign against workers
AUGUST 2004—Advocate workers from all eight hospitals are coming together for the first time to speak out about needed improvements—like higher pay, better benefits, improved staffing, and a voice on the job—and about what management is doing to stop them. More

“Weird Charity” at Advocate hospitals, says Chicago Reader
JULY 2004 (Chicago Reader)—A lawsuit claims that Advocate overcharges the uninsured – the same people that, as a tax-exempt religious institution, it’s bound to help. Download by right-clicking each link. Page 1 Page 2

UCC Task Force meets, selects co-chairs
JULY 2004—On Tuesday, July 27, the Task Force charged with implementing a resolution concerning Advocate Health Care’s pricing, collections, and anti-union practices convened its inaugural meeting. More

Advocate patient Christine Huston featured on ABC World News Tonight

JULY 2004—In recent weeks, with Chicago at the center of a national controversy over hospital pricing and collection practices, two Congressional committees launched investigations and plaintiff lawyers filed a national class action lawsuit against Advocate and other hospital corporations. ABC World News Tonight interviewed former Advocate patient Christine Huston to illustrate how some hospitals continue to mistreat low-income individuals. Click here to read transcript from ABC World News Tonight.

Does your hospital have enough nurses?

JULY 2004—Patients face increased risk for infections and even death when there are not enough nurses caring for them. Short staffing also leaves nurses too overburdened to prevent medical errors or to simply monitor patient progress.

Seeking solutions, the Hospital Accountability Project and the SEIU Nurse Alliance were instrumental in developing and passing the Illinois Hospital Report Card Act. This landmark legislation, which went into effect January 1, 2004, requires hospitals to disclose important information—such as nurse staffing levels, infection rates, and mortality rates—to the public.

Unfortunately, the following Chicago Sun-Times article shows that many hospitals are failing to provide consumers with this information. Click here to read article.

“Is Your Hospital Making the Grade?”, a consumer guide published by the SEIU Nurse Alliance, shows you how to use the newly enacted law to make sure you and your family have access to information needed when choosing between competing hospitals.

Illinois Attorney General says Advocate’s price discrimination violates public policy

JUNE 2004—Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan urged the Circuit Court of Cook County to deny Advocate Health Care’s attempt to dismiss a class action lawsuit filed by low-income patients. More

Former Advocate patients lobby Congress
JUNE 2004—Lisette George and Zaida Perez traveled to Washington D.C. June 24 to describe to members of Congress how their uninsured families were charged the highest possible rates for care and were then aggressively pursued when they could not afford to pay. The two attended hearings on hospital pricing and collections sponsored by the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight. More

Suit filed against Advocate, other hospitals over charity care

JUNE 2004 (Reuters)—Several nonprofit hospitals are the target of a series of lawsuits that claimed they failed to provide charity care to the uninsured, attorney Richard Scruggs said on Thursday. Scruggs, a Mississippi attorney who helped win a multibillion dollar settlement from the tobacco industry, said 13 lawsuits were filed against several leading nonprofit hospitals and the American Hospital Association, a trade group representing hospitals. More

Former Advocate patients join Dean and Jackson at health care rally

JUNE 2004 — “The uninsured are not criminals.... Most of us are working people whose only disability, or crime, is not having health insurance,” said Christine Huston, a former Advocate Health Care patient recently sued for her medical bills. Huston addressed nearly 1,000 people who attended the Bridging the Gap health care rally in Lincoln Park on Saturday, June 19. More

Advocate Health Care's new hospital proposal delayed

JUNE 2004—Advocate agreed with the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board's June 16 recommendation to defer consideration of their application to build a new hospital in Tinley Park. More

ELCA and UCC to appoint committees on Advocate
JUNE 2004—After the Chicago Metropolitan Association of the United Church of Christ (UCC) resoundingly passed their Jubilee resolution last month, concerned pastors and lay members are in the process of establishing a committee to ensure the resolution is implemented. The “Jubilee” resolution calls on Advocate to end discriminatory pricing, issue a moratorium on lawsuits against patients, and respect their workers’ right to a free and fair union election process. More

In the business of health and charity
JUNE 2004—A couple of years ago, 53-year-old Curt Koehler, of Warrenville, Ill., was juggling bills and trying to pay off medical expenses for emergency visits for his children. The experience was vividly unpleasant: The hospital collection effort was unrelenting. Bill collectors pressed to either charge the bill to a credit card, or have six payments automatically deducted from a bank account, and it was difficult to get anyone on the phone to talk about other payment alternatives, Koehler said. More

Legislation to assist uninsured in committee
JUNE 2004—Senate Bill 2579 was held in committee after an agreement could not be reached between the Illinois Hospital Association and the Attorney General, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and the Hospital Accountability Project SEIU. More

Advocate refuses to reinvest more taxpayer dollars in community health
JUNE 2004—Advocate Illinois Masonic CEO Susan Nordstrom Lopez refused requests by the Task Force for Community Benefits, a north and northwest side coalition of 12 community organizations, to stop hospital practices that drive low-income families further into economic hardship. More

Thousands say NO to new Advocate Hospital in Tinley Park area
JUNE 2004—More than 10,000 residents urged the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board to vote no to Advocate Health Care’s proposal to build a new hospital facility in the Tinley Park/Orland Park communities. Advocate Health Care and Saint Francis/SSM are both vying for state approval from the Board to build a new hospital in the southwest suburbs. More

Nurses release guide shows patients how to determine health care quality
MAY 2004—Illinois registered nurses kicked off National Nurses Week in May by releasing a guide that will assist patients and families interested in comparing nurse staffing levels and hospital quality at their local hospitals. More

UCC Chicago Metropolitan Association passes Jubilee resolution
MAY 2004—On May 1st, the Chicago Metropolitan Association (CMA) of the United Church of Christ (UCC) voted to pass a resolution calling on Advocate Health Care to proclaim a "Hospital Jubilee." More

Former Advocate patients highlighted during Cover the Uninsured Week
MAY 2004—Nico Rodriguez, a former Advocate patient, was selected to be the national Spanish-speaking spokesman for Cover the Uninsured Week. More

Advocate Illinois Masonic refuses to stop lawsuits
APRIL 2004—Advocate Illinois Masonic refused a community call to end price discrimination and declare a moratorium on lawsuits during a Citizens Assembly for Healthcare Justice. The meeting was attended by approximately 300 people. More

UCC and ELCA pastors call on Advocate to proclaim hospital Jubilee
APRIL 2004—Pastors and laypeople from the United Church of Christ (UCC) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) are calling on Advocate Health Care to proclaim a “Year of Hospital Jubilee” by ending discriminatory pricing, declaring a moratorium on lawsuits against low-income patients, providing adequate levels of charity care and community benefits, and respecting workers’ freedom to form a union. More

Landmark bill to secure free and reduced price health care for uninsured
MARCH 2004—The Ilinois Senate unanimously passed legislaion March 25 that could brig much needed eief to the 1.8 million uninsured Illinois residents plagued by hospital price gouging and predatory collectio practices. The bill will now go o the Illinois House of Representatives for consideration. More

Patients and pastors speak against Advocate’s new hospital proposal
MARCH 2004—Dozens of former Advocate HealthCare patients, religious leaders, and community activists urged the Helth Facilities Planning Board March 11to deny Advocate’s proposal to construct a new hospital in the Tinley Park and Orland Park ommunity. More

Patients and pastors demand Advocate Christ Hospital provide charity care and stop lawsuits
MARCH 2004—Holding picket signs and chanting, “Hey Advocate you're killing us, stop over billing us,” more than 100 patients, community members, and religious leaders demonstrated March 4 in front of Advocate Christ Hospital to highlight the hospital’s poor treatment of the uninsured and unerinsured. More

“Our Hospitals, Our Choice” guide educates consumers on competing hospital proposals
MARCH 2004—With two large hospital chains vying for state approval to build a new hospital in the southwest suburbs, the Hospital Accountability Project released a consumer education guide this week to raise awareness about the competing proposals. More

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Thompson reprimands hospitals
FEBRUARY 2004—In response to hospitals’ claim that federal regulations force hospitals to charge uninsured patients “full price” for their care and pursue lawsuits and other aggressive tactics to collect these bills, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services stated that this interpretation is “not correct” and urged hospitals to “take action to assist the uninsured and underinsured” and end hospital price gouging. Get copy of letter here. Click here to read article in the Wall Street Journal.

Dept. of Revenue revokes tax-exemption of hospital
FEBRUARY 2004– Provena Covenant Hospital in Champaign-Urbana, under scrutiny for its aggressive debt collection tactics against patients struggling to pay their bills, lost its tax exempt status after the Illinois Department of Revenue determined that the Catholic hospital was not fulfilling its charitable mission. Click here to read article in the Wall Street Journal.

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