Friday, June 17, 2005

What if.... Maybe the Drugs Being Sold in Chicago Involve Something else READ ON

What if.... The Story of the Mayor of the City of Chicago and their maybe something else here!

By D’Anne Burley



For years Mayor Richard Daley, held control of Chicago’s Democratic Machine, as did all the other pervious Mayor's within the City of Chicago which has been this way for centuries, and his father before him had control of the Mid-West Party Agenda.

I do recall that his father( former Mayor Richard Daley Sr.) came to my fathers funeral in 1962, as many other world known figures did to pay they’re last respects.
I never made statements about this Mayor out of respect for his father because of the respect I had for him coming to my dad’s last rites, because I was a little girl then alone with my mother, and I noticed much then, and I was taught respect, and to be respectful towards those who had shown that they could over-turn some of their disliking for a race, by making these steps.

So I am writing this because I am looking at all the facts and not just the stories reported, there is always more than what we see, much in coverup and corruption. And indeed Chicago has it’s fill today, as in yesteryears but indeed there is something I am looking at that makes me wonder about something, something that I had reported about the sale of heroin from within the city of Chicago’s Water Department, there is something very strange about this very strange.

I am indeed in agreement that there are many scandals hitting Chicago, Illinois many dealing with trucks and contracts and the abuse of “CLOUT”. But again, until this time I had never heard of Mayor Daley becoming involved with prior knowledge of the sale of drugs under his watch, and indeed not within a government office.

Maybe I am wrong, but this one maybe a setup, and setup to get rid of the Democratic Machine so that those within other parties can take over and control Chicago, Illinois with is the middle western hub for most of the Democratic Party. Indeed it makes sense to me, to get rid of the Mayor my scandal and then replace him in a split election to get in a Republican Candidate.

Someone who will be able to connect Chicago with the Suburban Republican base party. Then to this end this will help strengthen ties back into the Whitehouse.

It’s a old trick, you know, to play both sides against the middle, a game like a tout, someone who has another motive a unseen one, so you have those within this game get real close to you, like getting close to the Mayor, who is the head of government within the city, who has much to lose here if indeed drugs are coming out of some place like the water department, but the game is more to get close just to take him out and replace them with someone else who will fit the role of their new game to control the power within Chicago and all its money!

In this case the Mayor, this game will get the people to want him out of office, so that they can get the one in that they want, and you think that its bad now then just think if.....

And if indeed what I am thinking is indeed going on, because factions are seemingly moving within this direction, there maybe a lot of money which is on the plans to come into Chicago, Illinois very soon via special events, casinos, New 4 -5 star hotel chains moving in, and other things like airports etc., Then would it not be a goods time to get those in with the loot? And remove those who "HAVE CURRENT CONNECTIONS"

What if I say to you, ......

Please understand that I am not for any corruption but again, would it be good to have the democratic party ripped in half so that someone else can come in and create something far, far worse. Look at this and create a time backwards which I have done, and ask yourself this question, how many times you have heard of Mayor Daley’s workers get involved in the open sale of drugs? then also the man involved was making over 60k a year, so what was the real game here, please stay tune for more there is something very strange with this story.


D’Anne Burley


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