Friday, April 08, 2005

The D'Anne Burley Show Audio Files

The D'Anne Burley Show can be heard each week on from, 6pm central time Mon-Tues-Wed. live on the internet with options whereby YOU CAN SPEAK TO OUR GUESS!

List of Some of my Program Guess to date:
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This is our Guess Audio Station whereby you can hear a part of the program and then tune in to listen to the full live interview on line "LIVE".

The best thing about internet "Radio" is that it can be heard all over the world just by turning on your computer. No matter if you are in the United States, UK, France, Germany and or Africa this program is yours!

The D'Anne Burley Show is not just a mere Internet Radio Program, it's about getting the truth told about the issues that are occuring which the mainstream press will not dare to cover and it's opens up an opportunity for you to understood the "TRUTH" and got involved in the solutions as we are commited to do by telling these stories and following through with finding and implementing solutions.

When you see this link below listen to our Audio Blogger Program then click on the button below it to return back to our blogger main page.

Thank you,

And your comments are important to us.

Call or write me at 630-303-0742 Mail me at: D'Anne Burley P.O. Box 13019, Chicago, Illinois 60613 or visit our website at

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