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Strange Illness without cure hits the host of the D'Anne Burley Show Was she Poisoned?

For a number of years I had Blood Pressure problems whereby it would go high but I had in medication to stabilize it, until my insurance refused to cover it and it was changed, this seemed to have happened because I was making too much noise about the issue of a possible terrorist cell running out of Chicago and a neighboring community with a FLIGHT SCHOOL which the Government refused to look into.


Then I felt I was victim of being a target, a target whereby there was a time when I was rushed to a in Hospital in Hinsdale and then I began to get worse and worse.

Caused unknown but again I began to become ill - very ill worse than ever after renting a home in Hinsdale, Dupage County Illinois, from a woman who NEVER OWNED THE PROPERTY AND WHO LIED STATING SHE DID! AND WHO MAY HAVE BEEN A SPY OR SPECIAL OP

She also claimed to have worked within one of the hospital within the area as a “Nurse” coming to my home is nursing garb, she had a cell phone which was later turned off that forwarded to one of the hospital but later when I called it attempting to reach her I found out this cell phone had nothing to so with the hospital and her being on call all were lies from the get go!

You see upon moving in I was lied to again and again and found myself in a house that may have been a setup from the get go to place me within an environment whereby I could be watched and also maybe murdered because I spoke up!

I rented this house by calling a number of adds in the local news paper, then this woman called me, about a week later and asked me if I wanted to see the place. I told her yes but never went there, she called back again and I finally went to see it with my son. She was there with her alleged boyfriend and daughter who she told me had cancer and was dying. She told me that her daughter had married into a very wealthily family who owned a business in Illinois near Wisconsin, I found out later that this company did not exist either! All lies!

There were a series of events that happened one by one which lead me to believe that I was being targeted and the house was where I was being poisoned had symptoms of feeling light headed, had problems breathing, felt like I was dying, my toe nails blacken, I would vomit blood, and nearly passed out and it was worse I later found out the more I stay within the house but by the time I found this out it was too late, whatever was within the water or walls had seeped into my body and I can’t get rid of it!
There was something toxic within that caused me to get sicker and sicker, someone could have place something within my water heater or water tank as I had been told by many of my FBI, Scientist and Doctor friends who became a part of my talk show because they were targets many to their health while others to family members and financially, but there was something more sinister afoot since being in that house and also being rushed into various area hospitals which had caused me a huge problem with my health and close to death feelings, I later connected the dots back to the terrorist cell I had located and the fact that those within Illinois Government were within a conspiracy against me to coverup crimes that may have been enough to have someone look more into the possibility of terrorist involved in flight schools, Illegal International Drivers License frauds and other types of money laundering activities which lead to the terrorist attack on the WTC on 9/11.

I was being coded by the use of now government required ID scanning devices which they use to keep track of us, and by each time I went into the hospital they had connections to all my medical records which may have contain special instructions on how my treatment was to be handled because it became apparent that I was not to be treated and only while in I was to be over medicated with the intent to harm me medically.

While in these hospitals I had receive horrible treatment, more than normal x-ray’s, and treatments which had worsen by condition which they claimed was due to a mild form of congestive heart failure. But my body fills up with fluid and I have problems breathing, but there is also the fact that many of the medicines I receive cause many of the problems I now have, and the only way I found this out was from the Pharmacy which on a number of occasions saved my life.

I told hospital staff I was not to take Sulfur but was given it anyway for 2 years without my knowledge!,
I began to swell up and have worse conditions, side effect from drugs, which sent me to the hospital many many times.

Now I am so ill that at times I don't know if I will be making it!

But could it be because I was poisoned within the house in Hinsdale, Illinois and the policing officals refused to investigate any thing and took a hands off stand on crimes against me and my family!

The woman who rented the house from me told me she was Greek but what I later found out was that she was not anything she claimed to be, she was not a nurse, she was listed as working within a hospital but only as a operator, she would call me at all hours in the night as a measure I now thinkg to get information about me, these calls would go on from 9pm to 6am non-stop from within her job at the hospital with no one asking her why she was on the phone that long!
Then she asked me for help to get a mortgage I ran her credit and so gave me a social security number of a person from the US not greece. The number had a state cod of Illinois as her birth place.
She had many names and property listed under various names but the one I was in was owned by a older man in another Illinois Town, and she was not anywhere to be located on the deed, something that the States Attorney of Dupage COunty Refused to look into, then after I was in the 3 bedroom house for less than one month she sent someone to repair the water heater not a plumber but a man she was friends with, then another man and his cousin came ater they did nothing in the house my water bills rose to $700.00 a month which was outragous, and then I began to get very sick!

Once I began to suspect something was very wrong with her and the lies she told, I began to ask the neighors about the story she told of living within the house for years and having a daughter who had cancer. I was informed that no one knew her, and that she came by asked about their homes but she was not the owner of the home who did had not seen in a very long tine, in addition I was informed that the house I was in a three bedroom with a basement had over 26 arabs living in it all prior to Sept 11th 2001!
They claimed that they were watching the house and the woman next door to me told me the complete history of the home and all she saw and she told me that the woman who rented the house to me never was living there and then told me of how all these people came into the home and lived in it, some where in a SUV in the drive way and that she had to call the police because the fumes from the SUV came into her house and formed carbon fumes which began to make her sick!
After speaking to her, and going to her a number of times for information I began to see that this woman may have been involved in a special op to get me and harm me within the home where I lived!

Other strange thing that had happened to me, within the neighbor of Hinsdale, within Dupage County, Illinois and known to be one of the wealthiest areas there, was that the folks on my block seemed spooked about my house telling me of the number of people who moved in and out after about upward of 26 arabs moved in and vanished!, other interesting fact was a the reporter Steven McNeill lived some blocks away from my home, and he died of carbon fumes, that came into his home and vanished by the time his wife and daughter came home to find his body within it was ruled as being a accident. He also had heart problems.

After running background checks on this woman I had rented from and her alleged family I found that names were false and that their seemed to be possible links to her into Palos Hills Illinois.

She had a Greek name but the name was from her alleged first husband, who was Spanish! The other names listed to her were not Greek and she had her name tied back to telephone numbers listed to non-existing property with no building and or deed but with a operating telephone line. Asked about this the city knew nothing and the same applied to those within Dupage all refusing to investigating with some claiming it was a civil matter and others claiming they don’t handle this things and this is now terrorist cells and special op’s come into communities and operate because our government will not investigate these things and allow them to happen if you call too much they investigate YOU!

I sued and filed police reports which went un-investigated, which involved a conspiracy to defraud my bank account, threatening e-mails, and calls, racial slurs made by telephone, someone placing a dead and toxic animal outside my home which caused by son to come down with a bacteria form of pneumonia and I was becoming the target for victimization which the police and others within Government Offices refuse to investigate!

Some of the issue related to me being Black and the fact that they were being told to stand down and not do anything at all because someone at a higher level with CLOUT was controlling there offices and that I was indeed a target.

While in the house I got so sick I could not leave my bed, I started to blow up with fluid, and I would feel like I was going to pass out! It became a bi-weekly thing for me to end up within a area hospital with stays of three to four days and or emergency room treatment and then they did not treat me at all, they just did x-rays and mri's one after another allegedly finding nothing but then giving me medicine for things I had not had before, and now my body is messed up so bad that at night I can not sleep and I am very weak and sick afraid to go back in the hospital but at times having to in order to get fluid out of my lungs due to the toxic house and the neglectful treatment from the hospitals.

I began to investigate and found out that many doctors began to come front to speak out about how they are being told to do things against they're well by major corporation who have taken over hospitals by forming them into groups.

They can be told as well how to handle a patient who maybe on a list, you see many whistle blowers are targeted by forced illnesses, rapes and murder so that who they had reported can get away with murder by using medical facilities!

They can over or under medical you and give you things that no one will be able to detect because you are in a hospital and who would think that someone could commit murder from within one.

Dr Rebecca Carley, spoke to me about a number of lawsuit being filed in New Jersey and NYC for hospital that are involved in what she had alleged was murdering patients!

Other doctors are suing because if they do not obey that are force to loss their licence by the medical review board which many alleged are involved because big corporation control the purse strings!

In my case since I had moved within that house I had a major counterfeiting fraud happen within any investigation by the Attorney General, Police and or FBI.

Someone stopped by child support by changing the year by my child's birth within the state computer

Then I had others like AOL and other companies take money out of my bank without authorization and if I filed a claim within the courts I got no where because again someone and or something was allowing then to ex-partee my suits whereby they would not hear any of my evidence within a case!
Again some may have been racial while other parts were setup to get me as they do all whistle blowers

Many had been given Anthrax, like a man in Texas whose wife develop this and who is not talking any more because he is within the heart of the problem and other toxic poisons, they have set fires to homes, caused nature gas explosions, they set up people within the household to entrap them, placed drugs in cars to make people look like drug dealers so that they can arrest them, and anything else that can cause people to think they the people whistle blowing are nut cases.

These people don’t just limit themselves to this as part of their operation and scheme to plot again you, they do everything possible to discredit you (Please listen to the John Peeler audio on this blogger he talks about it and was a former FBI, ATF and CIA agent, whose son I in prison for a murder without a body or murder victim, his son is in prison for life without a chance of people In Arkansas. do things to their family members, raped and kidnap, blackmail is one of the top forms they use getting pictures of sex and other things to show love ones if they do not do as they are told, or by setting up their business so that they are not able to make money, work within there field and use measures of black balling them with employers and future employers so that they can not work and have no money!

Many also force you into bankruptcy court whereby many whistle blowers feel that the new laws are aimed at them because they are many whereby the debt remains and they are forced into the streets without resources opening up more and more them getting further harmed and or killed with little notice.
Please remember Martha Mitchell who was murdered in a hospital who died of a virus you can only get while swimming within the ocean, which she never did! Her crime was spilling information about her husband and the investigation of Watergate.

IO by case I fled but like in DOA the movie poisoned by hostpitals and those connected to that house.

In addition once I was in court with this woman she had both in two lawyers who were involved with holding money illegally for my former employee a lawyer who stashed cash with them the money was over $500K and those involved where a former government officials son, the father was jailed for banking fraud which his son was also involved in and never was imprison for, I told them about this and that there was a witness to this and asked how he remained a attorney which caused them to go after me more using clout within the courts and ties within policing agencies to attack me more.

Also while in the house someone had control of my computer going in uploading and downloading information because I was connected to the internet. And they had monitoring devices on my telephone in which one day they began to talk to my daughter and her friend telling them they were listening in on conversations.

No one investigated anything nothing and the police protected criminals within Dupage County, Illinois.

They even ticketed me $1083.00 for a suspend plate on a car not owned by me, it was a commercial car again to stop me from getting away, and working or doing anything to get out!
and those involved are still at large and can not say I am crazy because they is documentation and evidence of all within court filed lawsuits, within packages I mailed to others to protect myself if something happens to me which will be release to others outside the US.

And because this conspiracy to harm those telling the truth has countless numbers of names of people many are FBI, Secret Service, DEA, INS, and other law enforcement agencies, I was a former Circuit Court Clerk as well, and I worked within a Government based Laboratory as assistance Editor, seeing much and also worked for one of the then largest law firms within Conflict of Interest handling all the records and reviewed all the cases which came into the firm.
there were only two of us within this department.
My firm shut down do to the Greylord investigation, and I had worked for many fortune 500 firms in corporate seeing many things over the course of 30 years in accountant, computer, law, business development and media.

And because of all the attacks on citizens of America I am speaking out! And unless they stop using clout to harm and murder people who saw things I will continue to talk and talk and talk!

My health was not a issue before I saw a terrorist cell form in Illinois and because of this I am sick within real medical help because I am coded with hospital computer systems!

The last time I was in the hospital the nurses while I was in the bathroom search in my purse without my permission and I reported it with no call or nothing from hospital officials explaining why?

I have had over 40 so x-rays for on cause whereby they knew that x-ray can cause cancer and other illnesses I refuse them now after being told this by many of those on my program who are doctors and Scientist at the very top level all these things that are being done all over the US are the very things that are being this great nation to collapse and its we the people who are the one who have to make those doing this to stop and correct there evil because eyes are on us all over the world and if we continue to do the harm we are doing with organized criminals taking charge of the US then we are no different that Solomon and Gomorrah

And for those who had forgotten read on:

he names ' Sodom and Gomorrah' have long been associated with God's judgment of sin. The word 'sodomy' is still found in the English language as a legal term for unnatural sexual acts. To many, these names are only stories or myths from out of the past.

Sodom and Gomorrah, however, were a part of a larger agricultural confederation of cities which were known as the cities of the plain.

Genesis 13:12,13 The five Cities of the Plain included Sodom, Gomorrah, Zoar, Admah and Zeboim.

Genesis 19:22 It appears that the cities of the plain have been found. Archaeological evidence points to five ruined cities which support evidence of the Biblical cities of the plain.


On the Babylonian tablet a contract was found with the stipulation that a wagon was rented on condition that it was not driven to the Mediterranean coast.

Later, the actual route was found by Nelson Glueck.

A very recent discovery made at the ancient site of Ebla has revealed the historical existence of the Cities of the Plain. University of Rome excavators, Giovanni Pettinato and Paolo Matthiae have translated tablets taken from the ruins and report that on one of the tablets a trade list is recorded which includes the Cities of the Plain.

This is the first record of these cities mentioned outside of the Bible. The interesting fact is that the names of the Cities of the plain are spelled the same as they are in Scripture.

The strategic position of the cities overlooking the Ghor would act as a natural defense. Also, the cities would not have been built upon the plain because the land was too useful and precious.

It would also be extremely hot to live at 1200 feet below sea level where the temperature would rise as high as 130 F. It would be cooler on the higher level where the cities were uncovered.

Reconstruction of Destruction

The account of the destruction of all the cities of the plain except Zoar is given in Genesis 19:23-25. By the time Lot reached Zoar, the sun had risen over the land. 'Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven; {25} And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.'

From the research of geologist Frederick G. Clapp, who visited the area in 1929 and 1934, it was discovered that there are fault lines along the east and west sides of the Dead Sea.

The cities of the plain lie at the edge of the Ghor right along the eastern fault line. Also, earthquakes are common to the area. In Clapp's research, asphalt and petroleum accompanied by natural gas were found in the area.

From Genesis 14:10, it is evident that the valley of Siddim was full of tar pits. This tar is naturally occurring asphalt. Genesis 11:3; Exodus 2:3

It is a well-known fact that the southern end of the Dead Sea is a location for these tar pits. With the assistance of the imagination, the destruction of the Cities of the Plain can be recreated.

Bryant Wood speculates that, 'these combustible materials could have been forced from the earth by subterranean pressure brought about by an earthquake resulting from the shifting of the bounding faults. If these combustibles were ignited by lightning or some other agency as they came spewing forth from the ground, it would indeed result in a holocaust such as described in Genesis 19.'

From the 1973 report by Rast and Schaub there is evidence of widespread burning in the case of three of the cities.

At Bab edh-Dhra, handfulls of ashy soil and charcoal could be removed from the surface of the ruins. At Numeira, a pit was dug which cut through a seven foot thick layer of dark ash and at Feifa, much the same evidence of destruction by fire could be found Genesis 19:28.

The site at Bab edh-Dhra was destroyed at the end of the early bronze III age 2600-2300 B.C. The other two cities were also destroyed around this period. Are these five sites the five cities of the plain described in the Biblical record?

Matching the Cities

Since the evidence is overwhelming to support these cities as the Biblical Cities of the Plain which city is which? Traditionally the name of Zoar has remained since Bible times as the site on the Wadi Hesa, therefore, the site discovered here is fairly certain to be Zoar.

An important principle for the location of the cities is that they are always mentioned in pairs in Scripture. Sodom and Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboim, Deuteronomy 29:23; Hosea 11:8.

Since Bab edh-Dhra was the largest and most prominent site of the five, and Sodom was the most well-known, probably because it was the largest, Bab edh-Dhra was probably Sodom. The other cities would follow Numeira=Gomorrah Safi=Zoar Feifa=Admah Khanazir =Zeboiim These are only possible locations from the present information.

.....Significance of Discoveries

The significance of the discoveries made along the eastern ridge of the Dead Sea is manifold. First, there is now another Early Bronze Age culture which was completely unknown before. A stable culture which may have flourished for 1,000 years and may have had extensive trade with Ebla.

Theories about early Palestinian history will need to be changed. Secondly, if the destruction of these cities can be dated, we will have the first historical date for Abraham. This new information may help fill in the chronological structure of history prior to Solomon.


Throughout Bible history Sodom and Gomorrah have stood out as important examples of God's punishment on sin. Jesus even used these cities to reveal His coming in Luke 17:28-30. Luke 17:28-30

'Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.

Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.'

As these newly discovered ruins authenticate and illuminate the Holy Scriptures, they may also be a warning to our own society as it goes about its business, all the while rejecting and disobeying God.

Copyright © 1995 David Graves & Jane Graves, Electronic Christian Media

This was a very good depiction of what happened then, but again I am not a Christian I am a buddhist, and this story is the CAUSE AND EFFECT OF MAN AND WHAT CAN HAPPENED> this story maybe true but again the Bible seems to be a book whereby people are making it real within this world.

Not willing to take responsible for themselves as creating evil and becoming evil by doing things to one another without control and or morals.

Morals are more than just what you think it's about respect, and doing nothing to harm one another and by treating everyone the way one wishes to be treated.... its call respect.

If we are controlled by money and power without morals and respect for all living things we have placed our condition at the lower worlds of hell which is started within Buddhist practice.

To move up you have to battle from within and master yourself, your mind and your knowledge, once you reflect yourself and correct your karma or your values of self you are then lifted and moved into seeing the world as a place not to fix but a place that can fix itself as you have, within your spirit, and mind.

To become evil reflects evil into the world, and the balance with correct the problem, with or without you as was with happened in this story.

Look at this and look at the Tsumani, with hatred this world is in chaos and chaos destroys the foundation and can replace it with another GOOD or Another EVIL all based on the mind-set of the people within that have survived!

Peace and please think about what I am saying to you, it took all of us to come to this place and it will take all of us to reflect chance and we have little time left to do this.

To harm and poison me and others causes you to harm and poison yourself, you reflect yourself in the world and later receive the same reflection back which will harm you. Look at history it’s the law of cause and effect!


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