Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"Black Music Apartheid" Reparation for all within the Black Music Industry!

The Concept of "Black Music Apartheid" came to me when I heard about the sue levied against Miscael Jackson by those folks involved with the recording of the Beatles and my opinion of this suit is discussed in the next article because of my fathers words being used for a Beatle Song on how these folks made Millions of the sweat of Black Entertainer Worldwide. Many who had died in the poor house due to the lack of making real money.

Most did not get a fair shake within the Night Clubs, and were forced to perform under horrific racial conditions but again the Music was good and fun they had was the thing that had caused many people to come into the night clubs of Harlem and into the Jazz belt of New Orleans and Chicago to listen, write and steal songs of many of the greats. And then no one could do anything about their rights as entertainerswhile those who stole the music got allthe money richest and fame.

Because of this and this along I feel that Blacks Need to come together on the concept of "Black Music Apartheid" Reparation for all within the Black Music Industry!

Folks have gotten Knighthood and everything else off of us and now its thime that they payback those they had stolen from. As you see Micael Jackson has to goto court for the Beatles so should not the Beatles give back to my father and others?



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