Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Oddities and Patterns of Hired Assassins _ THEY GET MURDERED BY THOSE WHO HIRE THEM

Random Acts Of Terrorism 101

Oddities and Patterns of Hired Assassins "THEY GET MURDERED" BY THOSE WHO HIRE THEM!
By D'Anne Burley


The Reports out of London read that the Police were seeking out a "Mercenary Terror Gang, and or "Assasins for hired who where hired to cause the explosures in London on Major Transportation sources such as Trains and buses, the goal may have been linked to a target who was traveling within one of these and or to under up in the news a major scandal and or event which the public may question like to releasing of $300 billion dollars to another country, that could have been payment for the job as well, its's called we made you look! Or they may have wanted to coverup a sentencing hearing just days before, or maybe the money given was money given to release on who was being sentenced but the target the train and bus was used as a means to make you believe it was a mere terrorist cell operation.



So lets say you are someone like "Carlos "THE JACKAL"and you are hired to asassinate a target and or targets they give you money upfront to do the crime and the other half once the job is done, then the second half is paid upon completions of asignment. But it has to be under cover to make it look like something else and the target is covered within the chaos of the scene of the crime.

At the crime scene you leave your signature card, something that the party paying you knows is "YOU SO YOU CAN GET THE REST OF YOUR PAYMENT" the game with the folks doing the hiring is that you get nothing and that you are then murdered because you may leak out the information on the hit.

So they hired another assasin closer to them to get rid of you because of this. The public then see within the press two events the first one a act of terrorism as within the case in London and the second being another train crash which may have included on board the assasins involved in the first kill.

All being a pattern of things going back some time in history and the folks are the same ones who are custom to operating in the fashion.

Using power and clout as a measure to do the things they do but on the other side of the coin are looking to many as good fellows who care about the world.

Within the World Trade Center the Kill was many but one of the major ones was the problem they had with former F.B.I. Agent John O'Neill, a vet of over 30 yrs within the service, who was involved in a investigation into Drug running rings out of Boston Airport, a relative to Bin Laden they claim and the fact that if one looked deep there were ties that allow these persons to run drugs out "Date Rape Drugs" with also included Crystal Meth in other areas of the US as a means to fund Terrorist cells all over the world, the network is wide and will be on going until the public begins to see the light and understand we are being murdered at the hands of a few greedy power starved men who are within the high levels of secret orders that control much of the worlds wealth and power over lands and our seaway.

In Afganistan they had people growing drugs, poppy that is and then paid them off with counterfeit money, once found out then they had to use and release more counterfeit money within the US market to pay off the druglords who refused future shipments until the debt was settled.

Or you have the case were they make tons of money within the "Future" market on all these terrorist events you see they have it we do not!

today, I woke to hearing about a train crash in Pakastan, but it was too odd to me this was on the heals of London Blast and the fact they felt that it was some people out of Pakastan who were involved. What timing another accident this time, on a train this seems to be tied back to those involved in the London crime but on this train was a victim who was involved in starting off the first in London, whi may have been killed at the hands of the people who hired him and or them.

I am alleging this based on looking at all prior events, and we the public will not look at this and or believe it because if we do then maybe we would take up responsibility and act for once to end this nightmare!

The online article on CBC News states:

Dozens dead in Pakistan train collision
Last Updated Wed, 13 Jul 2005 05:07:30 EDT
CBC News

At least 104 people are dead after a chain-reaction collision involving three trains in southern Pakistan.

More than 100 people were taken to hospital for injuries while dozens more were treated at the train station in Ghotki, about 500 kilometres northeast of Karachi.
Collided Pakistani passengers trains at Ghotki station.
(AP Photo)

Emergency workers cut through the wreckage of twisted steel to reach victims. Police have warned the death toll will likely rise.

Brig. Javed Iqbal Cheema, the head of the Crisis Management Center at Pakistan's Interior Ministry, ruled out sabotage, calling it a "pure accident."

Train officials say the incident began around 4 a.m. local time at the Ghotki train station, in remote Sindh province, and involved three trains:

* Quetta Express from Lahore to Quetta develops technical problems and stops at Ghotki station so technicians can examine train.

* Karachi Express from Lahore to Karachi strikes the Quetta Express.
* Impact pushes cars from the two trains onto adjacent track, where they are hit by the Tezgam Express, travelling from Karachi to Rawalpindi.

Ghotki train station was the scene of an earlier train accident that killed 100 people. A passenger train slammed into a freight train at the station in June 1991. Authorities blamed human error.



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