Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Not only are there 100's of Thousands still Missing and Dead, But there is a risk in the varipus germs and diseases which are spring out of the Water, the Water of the Dead!

But there is something else very odd with this, all over the USA, it seems that many people are coming down with a very strange Sinis Infection, a Virus which began right after this storm occur.

Did the EPA, FEMA and other Worldwide Agencies take in account that the victims of this storm maybe carrying these to other States and did they bother to review this and give them medical treatment once they were placed within other state?

TB, SIV and there are other diseased which can be carried by the air, so if they were not ready for this Emergency were they ready for the Effects of Plagues coming from the fact that they did not calucate this storm, nor did they react because those there were what they considered to be the poor and outcasted.

This is they same treated the poor receive within the States when seeking assistance and help, its not uncommon it just came out in the open because the People of the World are Reacting to this.

There is another concern the possibility they there was some type of air bourne device being used to help releif more of our population.

There is a Bio Physical Lab in Serbia linked to GM whereby many top rank Scientist were working on genetically linking human and animal virus to make a super strain, a strain more resistance to any medical and or cure.

Whats next for America and the World.


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