Friday, April 08, 2005

Who is D'Anne Burley

Who is D’Anne Burley of The D’Anne Burley Show on TRUTHRADIO.COM

Hi my name is D'Anne Burley, I am a local cable base television talk show host and I have a television program airing weekly in Glen Ellyn Illinois and Wheaton on Channel 17 GETV, and now I am the Talk Show Host on coast to coast internet Radio “THE D’ANNE BURLEY SHOW on TRUTHRADIO.COM each week

Monday - Tuesday -Wednesday at 6pm central time.

The program offers an interview style that get to the route of the issue, with a personal touch and impacting but on a level everyone can understand. We cover world events, timely news reports with investigative reporting using “Profiling and time lines to create a more informative approach to getting at the heart of the issue.

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