Thursday, July 21, 2005

Major Coverup The London Bombings Tied to the Rice Visit

Andrea Mitchell of NBC News was roughed during a meeting between RICE AND AL BAHSIR WHY?

The news report rang out this morning before the bombing that when NBC diplomatic reporter Andrea Mitchell tried to ask el-Bashir a question about his involvement with alleged atrocities, a scuffle broke out.

Point two another reporter: as stated within this article was pushed around after protests continued outside, the officials were eventually allowed in. But guards repeatedly pushed and pulled Rice senior adviser Jim Wilkinson, and at one point he was shoved into a wall.

Andrea Mitchell of NBC News, is the wife of Greenspan. There are also reports that a private Financial wire is down. As in the other case just maybe the reason these things happened was to coverup the issue that the Public Radio Programs in the US reported that The Saudis were involved in attacks on Villages in the Middle East.

In another attack the guards grabbed Mitchell and muscled her toward the rear of the room as State Department officials shouted at the guards to leave her alone. "Get your hands off her!" Wilkinson demanded. But all the reporters and a camera crew were physically forced out.

U.S. officials said Sudanese officials repeatedly asked Rice to lift sanctions, and she gave them no promises. The other issue was that the United States blames his government for recruiting and equipping militiamen to massacre rural villagers and burn their homes.

What I allege is a coverup, the coverup is that these attacks and raids on villages are coming from within the government so that they can work with other governments to cause the belief that the issue of US presence is needed within Iraqi.

If the attacks which were coming from within are exposed then the goverments plot would end.

The other interesting fact is that on the heals of this so-called pushing and Rice and the Press before Al-Bahir, there are reports out that there is a block in tranmissions of translations with private financial lines. Just like when the last black out in MYC happened it was romoured that the Suadis were going to removal all there money out of US banks! The powerout happened on the same day this was being romoured if they did it would have caused a major run on banks in the US. With the power outage no transactions could be made.

But it gave time so that those involved in this to make agreements to stop this from going on.

Its called a cover on top of a cover. The next thing was to remove Rice's issue out of the eye of the public you do this with a greater story, another bombing in London.

And just maybe they were operating with another super power or two, to make it look like these attacks were coming from Middle Eastern rebels, just so that that other goverments and countries could continue to control Iraqi. Lie upon lie and cover-up on cover-up.


Blogger rider3 said...

you take unconnected events, you create in your own mind certain linkages without evidence then you put them on the net. This is not whistle blowing with facts to support it, this is paranoia.

Please try to avoid wild specualation as it only makes people think that you cannot actually produce any evidence.

2:04 AM  
Blogger The D'Anne Burley Show said...

They are connected and here is the difference from those who look and don't read and understand the full facts given. Peace!

7:31 PM  
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