Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Story of D'Anne Burley your Host and the Invisible Terrorist Cells that lurk within Illinois

The Host of the D'Anne Burley Show ON TRUTHRADIO.COM , and Backdoor stuff News out of Glen Ellyn Illinois, was also involved in what she would she was a very large terrorist cell which included a Flight school in which the Chicago Illinois Policing Agencies and Government Officials refused to look into, the cell included the arrest of her former Business Partner who was a man who seemed to have protection from those within the Government of Illinois and others... a man named Steven Al-Masri.. who was arrested in January 2002, for trafficking 52 mega tons of "meth" used to create date rape drugs into the USA. His arrest occured from a DEA on going investigation under the cover name of Operation Mountain Express II.

Yes D'Anne's former partner was finally arrested in January 2002 by the DEA for his involvement in Operation Mountain Express, there were also ties to this man who was the President of the Al-Salaam Mosque Foundation out of the Suburb of Bridgeview Illinois, his name was Ghassan Ballut who was also arrested years after 9/11/2001, the World Trade Disaster for heading up the Jihad in the United States.

No one would listen to D'Anne, not within the government of Illinois, nor within the US Justice Department, she never though her business was to receive over $50 Million dollars from the Saudi's to operate a business that involved
NO RIBA a no interest based program for purchasing homes, which she was asked to develop, the program was only to be for the Islamic community but D'Anne was creating the program to work for everyone.

The only thing they knew that it was a impossible venture from the beginning and had planned to just "Park" D'Anne and her other business partner to get them out of the way of "dealing" within the mortgage company they had just left, Steven came to them and aske them to come into Business with him, We formed Royal Financial Groupinc., But Steven told us that he had to get the ok to have his name involved and because of this I began to question what he was up to, no one would just give someone a million dollar business concept and not want their name attached to it, and then she asked herself who did he have to ask permission of about using his name on the business. After a while he finally caved in and allowed his name to appear as the CEO on paper only not on record of the then newly formed corporation, and it was not until later that my other business associate forced him to place his name on the business corporate papers but he attempted to remove my name illegally. I sat and watch, and did massive amounts of background checks and investigation not stopping a day because I knew there was something very wrong with all this and then I found out D'Anne Later said....

D'Anne filed a $52 MILLION DOLLAR LAW SUIT AGAINST THOSE WHO ATTEMPTED TO STEAL HER CONCEPT, THE SUIT WAS DRAFTED BY HER HANDS AND APPEARED IN AREA PAPERS AND INTERNATIONAL NEWS. The newspaper reported Royal Financial Group Inc. sues Baytana Funding for theft of Business Concept and breach of Contract, and Fraud.....

The Government refused her complaints maybe because of her race, or were they involved in a coverup as well?

She has been attacked, robbed, financial ruined, hit with health problems and then moved into the Suburb of Hinsdale Illinois whereby she felt that the home she rented was a terrorist front setup to get her involved in another scheme to make her stories a lie, and also to attempt to kill her with toxic chemicals hidden within the house, The neighbors told her that there were over 30 Arabs living in the house before she moved there many seem to vanish after 9/11.

The alleged owner she rented from have falsified ID, and social security numbers and many other addresses some to non-existing property with phone numbers attached to no address at all, this woman claimed to be a nurse, but once the hospital was contacted they had no one working as a nurse under tthat name, only a telephone operator, and her boyfriend she later married he was Iranian using false names, they were involved in a property scam for which the DuPage County Policing Agenices refused to look into.. they got to me because they were able to intercept my calls... Then knew I was looking for housing and calling around so they had some how heard me and them called me as if I CALL THEM!

The facts are that D'Anne reported all of this to the States Attorney's Office Birkett, in Dupage County who is planning to run for Governor, the office did nothing nothing at all other than to support these criminals, then D'Anne began connecting the dots of all the other whistle blowers and saw a huge conspiracy of a Criminal Terrorist Organization far worse than the Mafia who is being taken over as well by the evil.

And today she is sharing her story....

The facts are there are indeed facts evidence and documents which she had provided to the police, FBI, US Attorneys Office and others non would look into anything....

She was victimized within the Courts and Filed Bankruptcy which all whistleblowers are forced to do to hold on, but then more corruption within the courts and without Justice those involved in Terroristing America are winning out unitl you the public speak out and fight back!

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