Tuesday, August 02, 2005

U.S. Attorney's Press Secretary States No To the Alledged Indicted Allocations in the Media Against President Bush and V.P. Chenney

All the stories read: President Bush and Vice President Dick Chenney, indicted by U.S. Attorney of Illinois Fitzgerald, but indeed when I spoke to his Press Secretary today,Mr. Sandborn, he stated that there were now indictments within his office to date?

So why all the press, is it a hidden mystery a lie again, to keep the medioa out of the affairs of the U.S. Attorney's investigation or is there something else at hand. Stany tune.

Indeed the Valerie Plame case is real and that of the cases bought against those within the city of Chicago who are involved in Clout Scandals, and other criminal acts.

But the most horrific one, the one which involves millions of lifes loss from a false war in Iraqi, to covering up a major money laundering ring, and using foreign governments to make deals which allegedly compromised the U.S. those charges go without any investigation.

Indeed President Clint was charged with a lesser issue, one of adultry but high treason it seems is not as interesting to those who are involved in making the world a saver place.

Corruption seems to be the ruling force while the world watches American in disgust, because all that this country stood for means less than a fly in a vat of milk.

We do nothing but watch as voyeurer without remorse, nothing.

This is a shameful reality and we are the ones who have allowed this nightmare to continue. The Elected Official is just that elected and that means they are to answer to you the voter not criminals who are self serving and who are in high places within the government.

Cases before Illinois' U.s. Attorney and the Courts in 7th Circuit