Thursday, July 14, 2005



Hi this is D'Anne Burley, talk show host and producer of the D'Anne Burley show and Backdoor Stuff News on GETV Channel 17 which is braodcast out of Glen Ellyn Illinois and formerly with WVON Radio 1390 Am in Chicago.

I need your help, financally. This is a open letter and report of what had happened to me about two years ago and what began I long time before this because of my fathers involvement with the Black Nation of Islam as the Managing Editor and main journalist for many who had sough help within the media then, I am carrying his torch up until now because of the worsen conditions in the US and that there is a lack of real journalist and lack of fear amongst those within to report the truth. Because of my work which caused me to get top guess and others with whom the mainstream press can not and will not report on, about 2 years ago while involved in opening up a Chicago based Night Club venue whereby I was blocked by those within that industry. But right after this and during this I was under attack within my home, a house I had rented in the Suburb of Hinsdale Illinois. The attacks began from the time I had rented the property located at 933 South Quincy Street. The woman who rented the home to me was a fraud and scam artist, but in this case the fraud was more than what would meet the eye because the lies and secrets she had carried involved this persons and other unknown to me at the time to develop a plot to cause my health to vanish.

This woman told me she was a Nurse working within Hinsdale Hospital, she had a cell phone tied back into the hospital whereby it had a recording and would transfer to her.She came to my home in hospital surgical garb, much like a person right out of surgery. Once she appeared with plastic covering over her shoes, unless the hospital had hired her not checking to see if she was a real nurse. And she looked to me at times she was a drug addict. She was not frim here told me she was from Greece and that her mother was murdered and that her father was a great man in Greece, this is all lies and deception just for her to get close to me.

The house was a sick place where I found out later from others in the area had about 26 Arabs and or various middle east people living all prior to 9/11 and thereafter maybe the home was only 3 bedrooms with a basement. They were living in a SUV one neighbor told me which was verified my a woman next door to me who seemed to know a lot and who told me that the woman I had rented from never own the property never! All lies and deception. They were seeking this woman and who ever else was involved in this to harm me.

I was on Television and had a number of guest on my program discussing 9/11 and the real facts and truths. In fact I had interviewed a man who was later picked up and charged with heading up the Jihad in the USA he was in fact my former business partners partner in the development of Al-Salaam Mosque Foundation which found itself under controversy because of a community complaining that this organizaton was tied right back to terrorist which got them in a lot of problems with being called racist but again the facts are that the people involved in this may have been in a group which was attempted to develop a base here in the US and within this base create money and other things to help finance they efforts within the Middle East and here, this is not uncommon because this is what the Irish Republican Army did, as the Jewish Organizations and many others but this was a plot more than what met the eye and I began involved i n this because I was in Partnership within the Corporation of Royal Financial Group and was the Director of Operations for another Mortgage Business which all were involved in a conspiracy to maybe move money in and out via loans, land, and Mosque and I was someone who may have seen something that I was not to even have knowledge of, you see once I went into the office of Steven Al-Masri I was being parked and watched.I was to be on ice until they had secured a copycat business to move money from the Saudi Royal Family to into accounts worldwide. And indeed I knwo this because I started creating a paper trial which I mailed out to many for safety reasons then and because of the fact that those within our very government seem to wanted to protect those involved within this plot. I will not rehash this story its here just click on the links and there are picture of my former business partner and others but again I was being targeted without my knowledge, parked for murder and or setup because I saw too much.

Much Like John O'Neill the 30 yr old F.B.I. vet, he was working in the FBI and was working within opposition to the agency in investigating Bin Laden's brother which was told to me my various sources the coverup of the movement of Date Rape Drugs is still on going with no arrest of the major players and just because they know that most can walk away with dipolmatic Immunity from arrest and prosecution because of not being legal residence and or citzens of the US many who commit these crimes are turned back to there government for trial because we have no rights over foreign people. Look at the case of Hussein he was trial in his country not in the US.

In John O'Neill's case he was removed and what I would say forced to resign but his investigation tied right back to what I saw here because Steven Al_Masri was arrested by the DEA of California for a shipment of over 50 mega tons of Cystal Meth and other drug making materal with a street value in the Millions. Steven before he had fled out of Chicago Illinois's Palos Hills community told me he had no money! His salary was $200k a yr just from doing mortgages along. Ghassan Ballut was a man who I had on tape, he was involved in a foundation, the Al-Salaam Mosque foundation which the press change the name of to coverup what I saw because in all the orginal reports from Palos Heights were the Mosque was being rehab it was called this and Steven's paper had the same name aswell.

I spoke to John O'Neills informant who is also in this blogger as a audio, she told me the ties just recently to what my partner was involved in and the case in Boston and all over the nation of movement of large shipments of date rape drugs. All which was coming from over the Canada border all using trucks many out of Illinois and whereby the victims became the people in the US and their children teenager being raped. Many being turned up and placed in prositution rings, sex slavery rings all over the world including both Saudi land and in Israel, Russian its outrageous.

The stories and the facts are almost all here there are others with I will hold on to for a while, but because of these facts and knowledge I had gotten after investigating Steven and those involved with him and those he did not know I knew about cause me to run like in SSome Like it Hot" because the very persons involved had clout and tied back here to various people within our very government both at a City, State and Federal level who covered up and covered up this mess.

The woman who rented this home to me was I believe one a agent sent maybe of the US and then maybe of another nation. Her place of birth and time she told me that she came into the US did not match her social security number which I got from her because she wanted me to get her a mortgage. In fact she gave me two different numbers one with a good score while the other was very low. The number of the card was a number normally issued to a US citzen not a people from a foreign land in fact with the number there are numbers which tell what state you were born in many don;t know this just ask. She told me of her birth place and other facts thay after being within this home for a while made me realized I was being "Parked again".

She told me that had lots of power here with ties to her father, then I foundout her had more than thre names, fake addresses with numbers attached to a non-existing address and more and more which caused me to believe that she was a special op.

Her then boyfriend also had and other name claimed not to have any job but had a 700 credit score which caused him to get over 5 properties in Hinsdale, Burr Ridge and others areas all the homes ranged in price of $300k and up, many he got cash out of, they had a strange deal on the house I was in because they did not own it, they used my number and the address to get a loan I complained to the Office of Banks and Real Estate which claims to be investigating criminal which seems to be depending on who the crime is commited they did nothing. My home they got cash out on a out on purchase, they also at the time and upin the time I moved into the house began to poison me! How, by pumping in toxic chemicals in my home. The home I rented!

My water bill upon moving in was $17 after a month the bill was hundreds of dollars peeking at $500 -700-900 per month with no one there not all day, but then I got sick because I had been given the wrong type of blood pressure medication which cause me to have a reaction, I coughed all the time, and then got so bad off I ended up in the hospital, while there they claimed that I had congestive heart failure, they gave me more and more drugs which all cause side effects which had rendered me with worse health problems and medical issues from the effects. I became bed ridden still not understanding what was happening to me, could not work, but then I began to get calls in one came in asking me about working from my home, it was a plant again, I did not know this because the week before I was looking for work I could do from the house, I was unable to go anywhere for a long time and began to limit my broadcast on GETV because of health issues,the job was working for Spegiel as a custom Service Rep, I thought that the call was one that I made but it was just a rouse to get me into something that would make me look like a crook, it was them again playing a game, a plot to mess me up financially so that I would not be able to afford my rent and other bills, again conspiracy and plots to harm me and my family.

I again did not catch on, this man gave me his phone, 800 number website and everything else the ad came out of the Chicago Tribune, but at the time I did not reality they were listening on the phone and intercepted my calls and just called me back in this plot to get rid of my bank account. What happened was they got information on my bank and routed money into my account. They were promising to sent in $500 for supplies but instead they sent in over $4,000, once I saw it I called the bank and asked them where it came from the person I spoke to seemed to be upset and told me that it was desposited not a minute after I called the man who called me called me back to tell me that there was a mix up and he was seeing about reversing this entry. I waited he called back again and told me that the bank would not reverse this and that I needed to sent a money order to them for the cash deducting from it the $500 bonus.

I had just prior to this suggested my friend to work from them, they called him but they were not very interested in him, they wanted me!.

to make a long story short the plot was to disable my bank and wipe it out. The money was never a wire transfer out of NYC it was someone who came into the bank here on the Southside depositing counterfeit money orders.

The bank did nothing to investigate they were attempting to get me, and the Policing Agencies refused to look into it including the Dupage County States Attorney who is now running for Governor they all were in a conspiracy within this banking fraud because they did nothing to investigate any of this, in fact I felt it was a race issue with them it seemed odd they would not be interested in a major money laundering operation ran right out of there upscale town of Hinsdale Illinois. But the police within the tow, Department County Officials and those within the Congress and Senate did nothing at all nothing. I even went to Homeland Security and was told they did not handle this, nor did the Attorney General who wrote me back that they are not involved in it because it was out of NYC the crime was in Chicago and in NYC. I also loacted a secondary Federal Reserve there were checks and money orders being issued with the exact same information as far as signature, money order and check number but the interesting fact was that the amounts were different and the payee was also different I found this while the FBI and all the other agencies refused to investigate any of it until I threaten to go public with the help of my dear friend Sherman Skolnick of Cloak and Dagger who I knew for many years and who was involved in breaking the Greylord Scandal of Corruption within the courts.

Once I began investigating and locating documents and evidence facts about the banks and those involved in this scam I also obtain the exact place where there were in NYC and the police in NYC who seemed to want to look into it told me that their hands were tied bacause Chicago never transfered any report information to them for investigation. I ended up at the Secret Service who seemed to have worked on it but the trith was it was stand down clout from within someone wanted to harm me.

During this time to with the high water bills and loss ability to move out my son loss his job, someone illegally stopped my child support and they did everything else to get me on the street. At the time I did not know this is how Whistle Blowers are treated and that they sent in Secret Units to do these things.

Them my daughter was on the phone one night an a man came on the line and began talking to her and her friend about how he would listen to their conversation. Each time I came on the phone the man would stop talking, my girlfriend heard him.

Then someone took control of my computer, I would type and someone else from finish the sentence, the assaults were outrageous. Then I began to get worse in health, one thing I notice my plants began to die very quickly, I started vomiting blood, almost pasting out but if I walked around I got some what better. Then I was in the hospital at least once or twice a month and more and more whereby I was given more and more drugs which caused more and more problems.

I gained weight, began to develop discoloration on my skin,which would worse to how I am looking today, I told the people in the hospital about my reaction to sulfa they gave it to me anyway, then I got worse and worse. But then I starting noticing if I was not in the house I was ok for a while, they may have place a toxin within the home and also I had mold which was hidden within the walls there was no invisible water but again with water bills of over $500 700 900 each month the water was going somewhere. I was being murdered.

Then I met Stew Webb who was running at the time for Vice President and Tom Hennigan, who knows Al Gore and others, like Roddy Stich, a man who investigated the FAA and Airport Safety, a Mr. White who was involved with James Bath in Texas President Bush's aid then with a number of his business tied back to the Saudi's, who told me his wife had developed Anthrax after he spoke out on the Real Estate fraud he was seing in Texas whereby Bath was using his business to move money via property. In fact Stew Webb was the man who broke the story about the Savings and Loan Scandal again tied back to the corruption I was seing here in Illinois the scandal rocked the Governorship of Dan Walker, whose son was involved it was alleged and who just happened to be the attorney for the lady who had the property I was attempting to get investigated. They used clout and everything else, a plot against my rights and then again this is they way they handle things and get away with it because of connects to government officials and CEO and Presidents of Corporations who use there businesses to help in there effort to rob America blind.

Its the team of 100 Subcontractors, Some of the Corporate giants who are involved in this and I saw too much as did by father who I felt was murdered by use of drugs and poison to cover up a scandal within this government and the issue of Cuba, Russia and the Middle East.

Dorothy Killigan, Marylyn Monroe, Martha Mitchell all were killed murder by the use of drugs, medicine and other painful means to shut them up and any one of his can be next.

I was tied up in bankruptcy court as all the others I mention here who attempted to wake up the public were tied up so you are in continuously court proceeding to keep you from earning a living and nothing anything else.

The former still living weatherman speak of this how they were setup and ruin my special agents and turned against one another but its far worse today.

I loss in cour because the Judges within Dupage County were allowing this corruption to happen because they are tied back to corrupt lawyers and others who are involved in the same operation as Greylord, I saw this from both ends from working for a larger than life Law Firm based in Chicago who closed down due to this issue, and from working within the courts. The public does not have a clue to what you are paying for and are allowing and this is why I am on the air and broadcasting this nightmare in hope you will see because its happening all over the country and the world.

They are killing me just like in the movie DOA which poison, I was so ill last night I could not breath and I have lesions all over my hands, I viberate, feel weak and dizzness, from the effects of the toxins and mold and other harassment I received out of the Suburbs of Dupage County and Hinsdale.

Infact I reported th very mortgage company this woman had do her mortgage operated out a stall in a beauty salon in Hinsdale, and in Chicago their Corporate Office was in a Doctors office out of a patience examination room.

When I attempt to get a license as a Mortgage Broker I was told you had to have a space not involving other businesses and that you had to have, at the time I did not know that operating out these places was ok but in the laws its not. They don;t investigate these things but again if a minority and or someone with lower credit scores seeks a loan they investigate everything. It's all a rouse they lie!

There ar criminals working in the courts some within the police department whose record were exponged I know this because I saw it!

Corruption or corruption. I was followed by the former Governor of Illinois's son's business partner in his car followed like in a James Bond flick I dorve into the police station he sat in his car not caring because he was connected and had clout. They told me it was ok for him to follow me and point maybe a camera and or it may have been a gun I have no idea what it was they did nothing and refused to look into air.

Someone threw a die animal outside my window I called the police and animal control during a highten time of terrorist attack they did nothing and told me to have someone mor eit to the street. My son attempted to do this and within a hour his nose began to bled and the next day he almost pass out I took him to ER and he had a Bio pneumonia again nothing standdown who was doing this to me.

I am moving about I have no money, job other than my radio programs which I am outof pocket on with no finances to do anything and I am almost on the street, my health is a nightmare but I continue because everyone needs to know that they are doing to people out here. There is no freedom nor rights.

Please if you can help me I am about to lose my living quarters, car, last of my personal property, radio program, and life here. I am speaking to you for myself but there are many more of us out here and we are all in this you may be next.

I need to raise up $20,000 but anything you can do will be great a blessing and thank you for reading this. Please pass it on. If you can help me I will help you with advertising media website design,I have a 501c3 and a non=profit but have been too ill to raise money for my program and other things I can do but my health is so bad I can't stay any place for a long time. Please e-mail me my e-mail has been bloacked by them but I can be reached this way:

P.O. Box 13019, chicago, Illinois 60613, my phone was cut off today I need $200 to restore it, 630-918-6967, E-mail call Mike Katz at 630-736-8706.

Please and the social agencies are not available to do anything because this is what they are seeking all the agencies are involved to cover for one another I know this because I had worked within at one point and saw it all.


D'Anne Burley