Friday, April 29, 2005

Kidnapping America's Children - The Nightmare of the Sex Slave Market and some involve The Saudi Royal House

Herb Mallard, knews the Bush family and was involved in his business with the Saud Roayl Family from Saudi Arabia, he recieved reports from his staff members of abused and then looked into and found a Child Sex Ring which reach right into the USA, whereby those involved in the Government and those who are businessmen are given our missing children as sex toys and whereby others are taken into the Middle east as breeders and sex toys for the Royal House. Please read this and listen to our program on Monday on at 6pm which will feature Herb Mallard and his knowledge of the things not reported in the mainstream press.

Listen to the introduction to Monday's Program on May 2, 2005 Part 1

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Part 2 of this tape for Monday's Program

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