Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Was Katrina a Concspiracy to Build Casinos in the Storms Wake and What ABout Haliburtons Connection....

By D'Anne Burley of The D'Anne Burley Show

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After doing much research on the matter of this storm all factors seem to connect back to the use of HAARP technology to create the weather mass responsible for the Storm, for those who are unaware please read the following stories on this blogger site about Haarp.

Furthermore, there was the issue of Haliburton which seems to alwasy get NO Bid Contracts no matter who is the President of the United States, and which also seems to have many stock ties back to those who had and are currently sitting within the Whitehouse. These contracts have included Military Defense and others going back to various other Presidents who have a duet role as stock holders, former board members etc, all involved in what in the old days was know as Conflict of Interest.

But again everything is legal at the top and everything in the middle is currupt. The Laws only appliy to those underclass and middle class in society.

Now, Haliburton, gets a no bid, contract to rebuilt New Orleans but as I stated on my Radio Program, would it not be a dream come true for those involved here to make New Orleans a Entertainment and Gaming Capital of the USA. With Casinos huh look we will get the old money from Europe coming here to meet and drop a few bucks this is great for those in the money game and you and me we are just the peons. Classes races not needed for anything more than just to consume.

I felt this and expressed my views on Radio yesterday and while on my rush to gather "Facts" of this alleged Criminal Acts Against the World I located this artilce which I felt was very important please read it and the writers came to the same factors I did then think about it and read all the articles I have included in my blogger the dots are there and so are all the connections. This is not a conspiracy site, but indeed a real conspiracy on the People of the US who seem to be ok with this and Ok to look like fools to the World overseas and abroad.


Make a tour around Israeli newspapers and publications and you will understand what I mean.

Israelinsider a daily newspaper in Israel published an article called “Katrina and Katif: some connections to consider”, from the 12 points connections I will give you an excerpt.

1- The letter “K” connection.

The obvious: ‘Katrina’ sounds very similar to ‘Katif’

2- Casinos connection.
One of the plans for the removal of the Gush Katif communities was to make room for and build casinos. Katrina destroyed a whole strip of casinos and casino boats on America’s gulf coast.

3- Oil connection.
Many believe that U.S. President George Bush is selling out Israel to control the price of oil and keep it cheaper for Americans. Perhaps Bush thought that he could set the price for oil by appeasing the Arabs. Yet, this hurricane hit right at the oil refineries in America’s Gulf Coast states, temporarily closing down these refineries, which brought UP the price of gasoline. Is G-d telling us that He, not Bush, controls the price of oil?

Not only newspapers and journalists but also an Israeli political scientist wrote this “Katrina and Katif”:

Is it mere coincidence the casinos along the Gulf Coast were destroyed and that those on the Mississippi River were lifted completely out of the water and set upon the land? We believe that the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has spoken again. We believe that the natural disaster called “Katrina” is a sign from the Almighty.