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Timelines to Conspiracy's Connecting the Dots to my Forner Employers

Timelines to Conspiracy's

In 1993 I was recovering from illness but needed to work, I had a family to raise, and not much coming in money. So I took a job as a Part time Secretary for a man who had a position posted within a Church Located in Oak Brook Illinois.

He was in the suburb of Park Ridge, and sought someone to help him with is Divorce Practice from his home. I called interviwed and got the job.

This man was Attorney James Vassilos, his practice was located in Chicago on Lasalle Street. But because of a lengthy divorce, from his socialite spouse a cousin to the Danish Royal Family who had ownership of one of the largest banks and the fact that he had a side business which he was involved in from his home. he sought help and I was this person.

Once in the door of this home, I found his work area in the front room right next to the window and I replacing a spanish lady who spoke little english which I felt was strange since his practice was divorce and normally attorney seek out a bi-lingo pernot one who spoke only one language.

On the first day I found he had a very old Computer with a cpm opartions system and worked with Dasic programs.

He told me that my position was to send out books, many many books and a copy of a letter, the book was on Revelations and the New World Order, the author was a man by the name of Kahn this is what I can recall of the title.

The book and the letter needed to be sent to millions of people all over the world. Vassilos sought a donation and the letter was much like a chain letter telling the reader that them must sent in money or great harm would fall on the nation.

The mailing list included people from all over the world. He was interested in getting this out and was not interesting in dealing with many thing in his retiring divorce practice.

He had people in and out and I began to suspect something else was going on so I stated to investigate him. He caught on and told me he had no money available to pay me, he had no money in his practice.

So I decided to quit, but then he owed me salary and I to continously go back in and out of his home to collect all due to me.

While in his home office, I saw people who were involved in things later concerning conspiracy's in addition he had money which was being hidden from his spouse which is placed with a attorney in Illinois. The Attorney was the son of a former Illinois Governor whose father went to prison for a savings and loan fraud with a bank located within Oak Brook. The parked money was to be returned but the attorney knowing that it was something that was not to be let out in the open, decided to keep the $50 g's for him and his law partner.

As the trail of conspiracy's rolled into more and more facts it seems that this attonrey also had boxes of money hidden in his basment, all during the time he owed me still a few hundred dollars. It was also interesting to learn that Atty Vassilos was involved with a anti-Al Gore group out of Dupgae County connected to both church and state.

It was alleged by Sherman Skolnick who knew him that he was involved in a secret sale of a very dangerous material "plutonium" out his home.

It later turned out that this attorney's brother was murdered on one of the expressway systems for maybe missing money. It was rumoured his brother was a bagman for the courts and others and that a helocopter came onto the expressway blocked his brothers car and took him away. He was later found killed in a field.

The days while working within this office, I would see Joseph Andreuccetti another name who Sherman Skolnick knew, because Atty Vassilos was involved in his law suits.

Because of the books, the ties money, the sale of what was alleged to be plutoium out of is home and the fact that Joseph Andreuccetti was his client and Joe had documents which linked to the Whit Water Scandal showed that I was in the heart of a very dangerous operation and that I would be watched and targeted because of working for this man.

Please read the reports the most interesting one besides the ties of Vassilos, to the new world order books, plutoium, his brothers death. But the fact that Vassilos was involved in a investigate like the one I started a few months ago, the was speaking out about Child Sex Rings. The Article is called Satan's Drums.

My investigation from as far back as three years ago began wen I was contacted by Herb Mallard who worked with the Sauds Royal Family while developing teams of subcontract workers within foreign nations. Herb spoke out about our nations child being kidnapped off of street and used as sex toys by those within these royal houses and the victims of these horrific crimes being used to please those within corporation adn governments. Later opening up a conspiracy which leaves ours nation security at risk from blackmails. Whereby the children are caught up in this sexually nightmare never to return home to their families. All coveruped up by conspiracy's in and outside of our Whitehouse.

Please read the articles and connect the dots.

The FBI Conspiracy of Chuch Hayes.

In US District Court in London, KY, on Friday, November 22, Judge J. B. Johnson, Jr., ordered AUSA Martin Hatfield to turn over all discovery materials to Chuck Hayes' legal representative, Jim Vassilos, at Hatfield's law office. (Judge Johnson is a simple US magistrate judge. My initial report that he was a circuit court judge was based on an erroneous identification made by a source in Kentucky.)

AUSA Hatfield then directed Vassilos to meet him at the third floor of the First National Bank in London. This address turned out to be an unmarked facility of the FBI, not Hatfield's law office.

AUSA Hatfield said he would not turn over any of the discovery materials to Vassilos unless Vassilos first talked to FBI agent David Keller. In other words, the Assistant US Attorney said he would not obey the court order, unless the legal representative for Chuck Hayes first talked to FBI agent David Keller, a hostile witness for the prosecution.

Chuck Hayes' two previously contacted attorneys had each dropped the case, apparently fearing repercussions from the Justice Department and the FBI. Vassilos feels that the purpose of the diversion of the meeting with AUSA Hatfield to a hidden facility of the FBI involved a plan to prejudice him against his client and to intimidate him into dropping the case

Jim Vassilos declined to meet with FBI agent Keller, and went to AUSA Hatfield's law office at 1380 West 5th Street in London, the properly designated meeting place. After a delay, Hatfield showed up at his law office with FBI agent Keller. Hatfield again said he would not provide the discovery materials until Vassilos first talked to Keller. Again Vassilos declined to meet this condition, and said--in the presence of six witnesses--said he was ready, willing, and able to receive the discovery materials as ordered by the Court.

Keller and Hatfield then retired to their respective offices for a conference call. (FBI agent Keller has an office in the US Attorney's office complex.) It is not certain to whom they were talking, but it appears to have been Judge J.B. Johnson. Hatfield then emerged to demand once again that Vassilos meet with FBI agent Keller. Otherwise, he said, he would not turn over the discovery materials. Again Vassilos declined to meet with an individual who a) was not an attorney, b) was not a party, c) was a witness, and d) was a hostile witness for the prosecution.

The role being played here by Judge Johnson is curious. Johnson signed the original warrant for arrest, charging "Chalmer C. Hayes, aka Charles Hayes, Chuck Hayes" with violations of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1958. The warrant was signed on October 22, 1996, in Williamsburg, KY. The warrant was signed with "Bail fixed at $ None". The warrant was then served on Hayes that same day in Nancy, KY. The warrant was signed for Hayes to answer a "complaint," not an indictment.

Here is a Story about him within the Rense Report A story by Sherman Skolnick on the Bibery scandal which was alleged and involving LaSalle Nation Bank of Chicago, Illinois. The same bank which Attorney Jim Vassilos wife's Royal Danish family had large shares and holding of.

In the artilce Loose Thread #1 it states that:

On November 11, 1996, The Washington Weekly ( published a story, based on a recently declassified National Security Agency (NSA) document, "Vince Foster Involved in NSA Computer Espionage Issues." It reports on a May 1993 meeting involving Bernard Nussbaum, Vincent Foster, Webster Hubbell, John Rogovin, and Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. The secret meeting was held at NSA headquarters. The presence of Foster at the meeting, in which cryptology and intelligence gathering were the topics, shows that Foster was on the inside of top secret NSA intelligence discussions. Yet, according to the article from the Washington Weekly, the White House has tried to conceal Foster's ties to NSA.

Loose Thread #2

In CN 9.90, I mentioned that I had been contacted by someone who urged a prompt meeting at the Indiana border. This person has been previously-mentioned in CN: "Mr. Boderby" (not his real name.) Working to facilitate the meeting was "Mr. Royce" (not his real name; see my interview of Joseph Andreuccetti,( who is a decendant of the Giannini Family) archived at the prairienet site, for mention of "Mr. Royce," who dined with myself, Sherman Skolnick, and Joseph Andreuccetti at a restaurant in Calumet City, Illinois, in April of 1995. The relevant material is accessed as follows: (a) telnet (b) logon as "visitor" (c) "go citcom" (d) look in the Whitewater sub-menu for "The Andreuccetti Affair.")

Loose Thread #3

This past week I received via U.S. mail a document, from "Mr. Boderby," purporting to be an article written by J. Orlin Grabbe, "The FBI Conspiracy Against Chuck Hayes." If Grabbe is the actual author, the former Wharton professor is saying that "The highest levels of the FBI are engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct justice by denying Charles S. Hayes the right to legal representation, by denying him the right to any discovery materials, and by denying him the opportunity to prepare a defense." Hayes is supposedly a deep-level former and/or current intelligence operative who has been acting as a renegade, working against government corruption and without the blessing of that same government. Regardless of unsavoury connections, Hayes is entitled to the same due process protections as any other citizen. Or can the government now just deny due process to whomever it wishes, then ameliorate the outrage by merely leaking that, "It's O.K. This guy was with the CIA?"

In the document sent to me by "Boderby" and apparently written by Grabbe, we learn that as of November 22, 1996, Chuck Hayes has as his legal representative a man named Jim Vassilos. I can't give the specifics of the connection, but Vassilos is connected to "Mr. Boderby." Another loose thread is Vassilos's connection to ex-NYPD Vice Squad Detective James Rothstein. In a videotape of a lecture by Rothstein, he mentions that Vassilos accompanied him on a trip he made to Oklahoma City with purpose of privately investigating the April 19, 1995 bombings at the Murrah Building.

Loose Thread #4
In a conversation today (Jan. 5, 1997) with Sherman Skolnick, the Chicago investigator voiced suspicion of alternative journalists who suddenly "popped up from nowhere" around the time of the Oklahoma City bombings. This was in response to my own question as to Skolnick's assertion that the controversial Hayes/Norman/Grabbe "Angel of Death" story is just a melodramatic embellishment of Skolnick's previous material. Skolnick says he has no private vendetta against either Grabbe, Norman, or Hayes, but that their embellishment of his story is subtly misleading. Regarding Mr. Norman, Skolnick thinks that he was a "babe in the woods" in espionage matters when he was taken in by Hayes's manipulation. Regarding Grabbe, Skolnick puts him in the category of those who "popped up from nowhere" around the time of the OKC bombings. Did Grabbe suddenly appear on Internet right about that time? I don't recall.

Professor Grabbe will perhaps respond by hinting, as he has to me in the past, that Skolnick is somehow connected to the Mossad. Anticipating this reaction, I asked Mr. Skolnick how he would respond to that. Skolnick pointed out that, just because he is a traditional Jew, that doesn't necessarily mean he is involved with the Mossad. He further pointed out that, in the past, he has been a leading critic of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and that as far back as 1970 he had identified ADL as a spy operation with links to the FBI. For its part, according to Skolnick, ADL contends that the Chicago underground journalist is a renegade Jew out to damage Israel. ADL has even tried to block his popular cable television program, says Skolnick. My own thinking on this is that to label Mr. Skolnick as involved with the Mossad, based only on the fact that he is Jewish, is something unworthy of a keen intellect such as Grabbe's.

The "embellishment" of Skolnick's material is summarized by him as follows. James Norman had been calling Skolnick from time to time. Among Norman's questions were inquiries as to Skolnick's "BCCI bribe list" story. Norman reportedly asked Skolnick, in relation to his publication on Internet of the names of 22 U.S. Senators allegedly involved, "You've got a story on the BCCI bribe list with 22 names? Where are the other names?" Skolnick says he had published an incomplete list of names as a way to test Norman and others. Norman reportedly read some of the remaining names. Skolnick's complete list of names had been faxed to The Spotlight in 1991 but Spotlight did not publish the actual list of names, just the general story itself. It seems likely that part of the actual list found its way from there into Norman's hands.