Friday, April 15, 2005

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Media Sources outside the US and other Sources for Information

International Federation of Journalist

Alfred Webre - Exopolitic's - UFO's, SPACE and Mans Connection to - Policies, Government and other worlds........

Dr. Nick Begich Jr., Scientist, Actvist, and expert on Haarp - Earthpulse

Tom Flocco Site

Susan Supriano

Mark Kimmel - UFO'S WE ARE NOT ALONE - His Book

Mark Kimmels Website
Cosmic Paradigm

Patriots and Freedom Fighters for Liberty and Justice in America Please Help my program with donations so that we can create a better place, and so that I can support their cause...

Stew Webb - Patriot Whistleblower - Banking Frauds and Worse.....

Mary Schneidner INS Whistleblower

The Torch of Eric Shine - Merchant Marine Whistleblower his Story
The Strange Story of Eric Shine, a Merchant Marine, threaten by those he serviced,

His Website

Capt. John McCarthy - Patroit and Fighter for the Rights within the Justice System for those who Serve within our Military - THE FERIS DOCTRINE MUST BE CHANGED TO PROTECT OUR MILITARY FROM COURT INJUSTICE

SGT. Dennis Kyne - Whistleblower Military use of DU and Radiation