Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Parking, Ruining, Bankrupting, Targeting, Poisoning, Maiming, and then Murdering

Parking, Ruining, Bankrupting, Targeting, Poisoning, Maiming, and then Murdering
Whistle Blowers

Let the Big Boys in Government and Corporations Show You How its Done!
They make sure you have no Home, No Health, No Friends, No phone, No car, and nothing else left!
By D’Anne Burley

Yes, indeed this is the way of the Whistle Blower and the way of those who seek to stop them and the more effect you are the more they attack and attempt to kill you without being notice of seen.

They use electronic devices against you so that you are disrupted and can bleed to death or end up in the hospital. Read this ons:
May 10, 2005

Harassment Log

Today lets talk about electronic rape. Now I have reported and logged being attacked electronically in my private areas before and this type of attack by the members of the Chris Borrow families is not uncommon, as at one point I could not even sit on the shitter with out my testicals being attacked while sitting there. Sick uh?

Well it gets even better, this morning the one I myself call “Ruff” (a very small female, kind of cute with small tits and blond curly hair about shoulder length or better, kind of a shag cut I guess you call it, with freckles) electronically raped me. No shit, and if I would not have experienced it my self, I would not believe it possible, oh I have found that a few women on the west coast (will look up the news article for post) had this happen to them and discovered the source or where the signal was originating from and filed a law suit which involved being electronically raped. Weird uh? Well people all I can say is with all the technology in the free world today, that it was just a matter of time before sick’os like these found away to abuse and misuse it.

As I have logged before they have been trying to electronically simulate me and this has been happening more and more frequent. This morning as I lay there trying to get to sleep and being electronically attacked in every part of my body at that, it seems the one I call Ruff described above and her punk old man were have a sexual encounter if you will. (I can hear this happening folks and it is quit funny since he suffers from pre-ejaculation and can only ride her about three minutes at a time) (Laughing)

Another thing about them using this equipment, do they really get off sexually doing this to others? I mean they were attacking my body and they must have became so horny doing it that they could not even refrain or wait for the other shift to come in or wake up rather, since they all live together and share a couple homes in my neighborhood taking turns attacking me. No, they got so worked up trying to stimulate myself that they them self’s had to get with it. Well like always and as noted, he left her hanging and she mounted this device to finish getting her nut.

Now I can not tell you how they transfer the signal like they do to myself but I can tell you that, I can feel when they have it on the pressure mood, which is apparently different from the attack mood as I have logged before I could feel them standing on the device transferring the signal to my chest which gave me the feeling of someone doing just that, standing on my chest and there was the time I was dogging on this punk and he must have punched the device with his fist as I could hear the sound of someone striking something and at the same time felt extreme pressure over my eye, so it seems he could not restrain him self and punch me in the eye through the device. How funny right?

I did look in the mirror right after that but there was no noticeable change or discoloration that would normally accrue if I had actually been punched in person, just the feeling of a sharp hit in the eye area. This all by its self raises many questions of how all this works and the combination of equipment and signals used to distribute it. It seems to be a form of virtual reality device for lack of a better wording but still many questions remain. But a good investigation always raises more questions then answers at first.

This mornings Rape. May 10, 2005 0218hrs

I was lying in bed on my left side facing the exterior wall with a blanket pulled up to about mid chest. I had my left arm out and my right tucked up under the pillow I was using when this started. I started feeling pressure on the blanket and on my left leg at the same time. The pressure started to increase and I could feel the blanket pulling tighter as well as the feeling of someone sitting on my leg rather lightly. Well now it must have got really good for her since the pressure I just described started going up and down my leg in a rhythmic motion. Just like your mate would do if she was riding you.

Now I am 43 years old have been rode hard more then once and can tell when the women I am with is nutting up. This chick “Ruff” that was riding my leg started changing the rhythm, fast and slow, fast for a few seconds and slow grinding in a circler motion and the fast again. I could even feel the pressure of her push on the device harder while grinding. I’m sorry folks as I really do not know how to explain this except to say she was f***ing me through the electronics. And then she got off doing it. Any man can tell when the women he is with gets her nut and I think all guys will agree to that. I know she got off doing this. Now what the f*** is wrong with this picture. And just how many have they done this to? And have they done this to children also? There is a sex offender in the bunch and as far as I am aware he is still on paper for this crime he committed. They seem to be sexual predators if you think about it. I mean they attack my privates and they try to stimulate me sexually at times and now a full blown electronic rape. Every one I do know whom this chick is and this last part is for her.

Ruff, if your old man can not satisfy you, which he obviously can not, then just bring a condom so I do not catch anything from you and stop by. Your old man is a punk anyway and would probably love to here all the details of our encounter should we have one. But either way, electronically f***ing me is not going to fly.

Oh one last thing, this chick and her old man live on Arnold street here in Fort Worth and used to live in Arlington, Texas at the apartments off of Washington Street. Forest Hills Apartment complex and while I do have the apartment number I do not have it handy. It might be in a different post as I know it is part of my complaint that is on record.

All events and individuals named here are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Anyone with information on this crime is encouraged to contact the Fort Worth Police Department, myself or your nearest FBI office with that information.

Tracy Givens

Fort Worth, Texas

Or just like Sgt. Dennis Kyne, see you on the street and attempt to frame you for something you did nto do to get the court system to work you over!

Or just have people follow you, in un-marked normally white vans and have cars attempt to crash into you so that they can ticket you and stop you from driving another why of driving crazy and to park you in a place where you are hands on for the next bigger sting!

Then they have special op’s working within hospital who come in and can act like Doctors and nursing staff who are involved in murdering you slowly without being seem!

Or you got the someone knocks at your door trick to get in and then place poisons within your home so that you can not survive without getting a highly toxic agent into your system.

Today in my case they used a “Cell Phone” carrier to attempt to silence me, and to attempt to cut off my phones so I can not do my Radio Programs in order to stop the Letter and voice in getting a bill before the Senate to attempt to get a special Council to Investigate President Bush on conspiracy of Treason going back to the World Trade Center Attacks on America, and then the issue others are sending in because of the Valerie Plame case caused a major breach of security.

Therefore right away I had given the language for US Senator’s Dick Durbin and Obama to look into this so to appoint a special council with the aid of Alfred Webre, ICIS Institute and Leuren Moret.

After which I was attacked by Illinois Department of Highways with charges of over $400 for a $1.35, alleged toll that I have never done!, with a camera and automated guilty sentence before a appointed privatized Attorney, in a expartee hearing without any rights to due process other than guilty!, my Cell Phone was cut so that they felt I would not be able to do my program, and my assistant was targeted with DCFS case to get us, and place us in more distress as they have done to all the other whistle blowers within my programing who have all linked with me in this fight against corruption whereby they all have no rights and have been within bankruptcy court to find nothing other than more corruption with more expartee rules.

This is a place where spies and the corrupt rule and will attack and teach those of us a lesson, in to respect the BIG BOY WHO CONTROL THE WORLD AND WILL HARM KILL AND DO WORSE TO ANYONE WHO GETS IN THEY”RE WAY!.



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