Saturday, April 30, 2005

Scandals in Illinois with the Hospitals Tollways and Terrorist Cell that are not Investigated but they are going after Joey The Clown Lombardo? why?

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The List of Adrian Messenger How our Government Comes After You If You Blow this Whistle on THEM !

Today if you see wrong doing better not tell a soul or you will go on a Government List for the Whistle Blowers all who have spoke out in the past about the real people behind Sept 11th. 2001 Oklahoma City Bombing, Missing Donation Money out of the Red Cross fund to be used for the relief of the Victims of 9/11 WTC in NYC, and the fact that only 10 people got anything relating to the deaths of over 3,000 people is outragous!

The fact that the money that came in for the TSUNUMI - much is missing and was handled by a firmed held by the former NYC Police Chief and the Former Mayor who was knighted remains a mystery and not spoken of, Then there was the building where the reporter for the Sun Magazine died from Anthrax, that building was bought by the former mayor of NYC and his business partner the Police Chief to cleanup with the evidence still within hmm....

Then in Chicago Illinois with the fact that major land based casino's are coming into town, and 5 star Vegas Hotels heading in as well, it seems that all of a sudden they now have found out that The Outfit Murdered someone thirthy years ago!
They are on a manhunt for Joey the Clown, who has not been involved in anything major since his release from prison as part of this agreement.
Those within the Justice Department are not looking into the Major Fraud and conspiracy against Illinois drivers which seems to targeting the minorites and others who get barely afford to get to work! The Tollway is charging people up to 400-500% in fees for tolls of less than $2.00 (two dollars) whereby you can pay $400.00 for a $1.35 tollway they claim you did not pay. You can be targeted and you have no rights to a case because within their own laws which violate civil rights codes and usuary laws they have already stated you are guilty and will only take the money or you right to drive away for non payment.
The tollways officers never returned all the money they took for evecutives going on trips and parties and vacations again this theft is ok because it seems that the Government has no controls and stop gaps in accountibilty and who polices them - Not the Justice Department who claims to be investigating the Clown on a 30 yr Mob hit, how did they get witnesses today and not when the murders occured? Again is this a measured to get rid of the Outfit so that when all the Casino money comes into town those within the city Government will control all the business and cash>

Illinois had no major concern about TERRORIST oh yes, they were indeed here I reported them not knowing what I know today whereby reporting goes nowhere maybe they have ties who are protecting them within Illinois Government and if you do report it those involved will come after YOU! Like they have with me over the last 5 years and in fact more because I was involved in telling the facts of many things that were illegal going on for a long time as my father did before me, and my father was Dan Burley Journalist, Musican and the Hub of the Black Press, who was the creator and managing Editor of Jet Magazine, Amstradam News in NYC, and had a synicated column nationwide from the 1930's -62.
He was friends to the Whitehouse won many award for jounralism and keys to almost eery city in the US.
I was taugh how to investigate the ols school way and this is what I do and I also report the facts.
The facts here is that our government was involved with covering up Sept 11th and other things and they will attack anyone who attempts to stop them!
There is a lot of BIG DOLLARS INVOLVED and those connected have ties right into the Whitehouse whereby there is nothing to stop then from stealing from the American Public.
We need to stop senting mail to them non-stopped because marching will not work "There is no media coverage other than what I will give and I have many who I have covered from Israel, and France into Canada we have nothing but those within fact fulled bloggers and website's who are fight the cause for America, I have no money nothing, because they took it away like they have done with all the other Whistle blowers - I was the one who spoke out about a terrorist cell in Chicago with a Flight School, Saudi connections, Money Laundering, whereby my ex business partner was arrested for 52 m3ega tons of drugs under the DEA Operation Mountain Express II Janiary 18, 2002 and about the fact that there was a major ID fraud ring here using INternational Drivers licenses while there was a government probe on the former Governor on one which dealt with Spanish people, no one was involved in the one which got Terrorist the right to get businesses and move around in this country! That was the one I was reporting but the FBI and others refused to look into which almost cost me my life from hidden government op's!