Monday, July 25, 2005

Treaty gives CIA powers over Irish citizens


By D'Anne Burley

In the Beginning - They used the Ustashi, here is a quote:

The real ruler [of W.W.II Croatia] was Ante Pavelich, a zealous Croatian nationalist and fanatical hater of Serbs... Pavelic lead a terrorist group called the Ustashi in a brutal campaign against Jews and Serbs in Croatia.

"A good Ustashi," he told his men, "is he who can use his knife to cut a child from the womb of its mother." According to an Italian correspondent, Pavelich once put a wicker basket on his desk - filled with 40 pounds of eyes gourged from victims of the Ustashi.

Professor Edmond Paris, "Genocide in Satellite Croatia, 1941- 1945," Chicago, 1961, The American Institute for Balkan Affairs, from the introduction of the book.

The greatest genocide during World War II, in proportion to a nation's population, took place, not in Nazi Germany but in the Nazi-created puppet state of Croatia. There, in the years 1941-1945, some 750,000 Serbs, 60,000 Jews and 26,000 Gypsies - men, women and children - perished in a gigantic holocaust. These are the figures used by most foreign authors, especially Germans, who were in the best position to know...

The magnitude and the bestial nature of these atrocities makes it difficult to believe that such a thing could have happened in an allegedly civilized part of the world.

As in the past, it's beginning again, the movement of the Industries Nation, caused by the theme of get the "Child Molesting", then they came after the Jews who were alleged the blame for the lack of jobs and controlling most of the finance in Germany.

This movement in the beginning nearly wiped off the face of the planet the Serbians, and the Gypsies, because they were the fighters and they were many, if removed first then the people had no champaign no one the fight from the underground.

The Orthodox recipe of Ante Pavelic, Ustashi leader and Croatian Fuehrer, reminds one of the religious wars in the bloodest aspects: one-third must become Catholic, one-third must leave the country and one-third must die. The last item was executed. When the leading men of the Ustashi movement are stating that they have slaughtered ONE MILLION Serbs (including infants, children, women and aged) this in my opinion is a self-praising exaggeration. According to the reports that have reached me, my estimate is that the number of those defenseless slaughtered is some THREE QUARTER OF A MILLION. [=750,000]

The Jesuits, those who hide within the Catholic orders of the Franciscan Monk, who under a cloak of secrecies paid for and gave root to the Utashi Assassins to come out of no where and cause the death of millions and millions of Serbs and Gypsies. The children were beheaded and bodies were tossed like rag dolls into open graves, the murders were as bad as those committed by Vlad the Impaler, but then they turned this murder to the young boys and women all killed murdered prior to the beginning of the WWII.

The solution became Hitler movement, his party where is was the mouth piece, but hidden behind him were the real leaders who had designed a take over of that nation by having the people believe a lie, and toss blame of a people.


Treaty gives CIA powers over Irish citizens

Treaty gives CIA powers over Irish citizens

By Dan Buckley

US INVESTIGATORS, including CIA agents, will be allowed interrogate Irish citizens on Irish soil in total secrecy, under an agreement signed between Ireland and the US last week.

Suspects will also have to give testimony and allow property to be searched and seized even if what the suspect is accused of is not a crime in Ireland.

Under 'instruments of agreement' signed last week by Justice Minister Michael McDowell, Ireland and the US pledged mutual co-operation in the investigation of criminal activity. It is primarily designed to assist America's so-called 'war on terror' in the wake of the September 11 atrocities.

The deal was condemned yesterday by the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) as "an appalling signal of how the rights of Irish citizens are considered by the minister when engaging in international relations". The ICCL said it appeared to go far beyond even what has been agreed between EU countries.