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Conference Start Date (edit): Wednesday, Sept 7, 2005
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Conference on the Issue of Civil Rights "The Solution" Lets Get Our Rights Back Now !

Comments/Agenda: Our Goal today is to raise the issues that are confronting "Amrican's" concerning the Courts and Discrimination based on race creed, religion and nation origin. These issues also impact on those who are Whistle Blowers who came forth before and after Sept 11, 2001 and to whom until this day are still being victimized by the system which is in place to service and protect those within the United States of America.

Whereby they're rights are being abused without the safety net of any laws, the laws available to all under the Articles of the Constitution.

Racism against Blacks, and those of color are not the rise, and is still flowing throughout America Legally, and without any protection for those of Color, Different Ethnic Backgrounds, and those of different Religions. The courts are ruling Expartee, without examination of "Facts" and or evidence and in clear sight in violation of the Jim Crow Laws, placed within the Constitution to protect Blacks from Segregation and other horrific acts against humanity, these issues are indeed back and in full swing when those in Charge of the courts in the open without any regard to these laws refused the rights to Blacks to a fair Trial in Court and a right to plead their own cause within these legal matters. As many as 80% of the prison population today are black men and women without hope to any rights, just like before in America of old.

In addition there is a horrific issue of the rights of those who Whistle blowers who had given away their basic rights and freedom in order to inform those of the World of Injustice, such as crimes against this country being conducted within the agencies they work within for those exposing these issues they lay within the brink of despear fired from their employee the Federal and or State Government, then bankrupted and attacked by those within you hold power within positions making these deeds possible.

They are cast into Prisons, refused the rights under the constitution of equal Protection Under the Laws of the United States Constitution, and are being violated with retaliation from within the Jobs they held and late "Fired which was and is against the so called Whistle Blowers Act, they are forced into despair and they numbers are growing around the country because they are not given Rights with in these articles of protects via the Court Systems and the Judicary Process which is the complain of many Americans and also a concern of those around the world.

We are asking you to come and join us to discuss this problem and also a solution is at hand which will be discussed within this conference which based on the response will be a weekly scheduled event to work up and collected strategy the stop the abuse of the People within the United States and the World who are indeed not being heard and rendered within the Conflict of Interest many of these courts and agencies are involved in due to being tied to agencies within whose aim is to protect themselves from anyone who will stand in they're way!.

So if you are in court and out had been violated in any way and feel that you have been a target as it relations to these issues then lets talk about this on August 31st at 8:30 pm Central time, please tune into the D'Anne Burley Show on that day and we will be discussing this issues with other Americans who have had enough.

Please note that in order for us to do this campaign effectively we need your support with donations.
In addition their will be charge for this conference of $10 per person. This is a very small fee because this is no longer a issue of talking we are going to do the thing that will get our rights back under the constitution.

If you can volunteer please call me we need to work together on this and together we will make a better nation.

Call us at 1-847-594-1620 leave you name, address and telephone number, with the best time to call and we will return you call. This is a campaign to get back of Civil Rights. Please unless we do this we will never be free again! The will be a weekly event same time same place and tied into our Radio Networks.

come and visit D'Anne Burley Show on at 6pm central time Mon - Wed. updates on our blogger weekly, goto Please sent all letters to: D'Anne Burley @ P.O. Box 13019, Chicago, Illinois 60613 call us at 1-847-594-1620.

Peace !