Thursday, April 28, 2005

They Make Promises Don't they... The Casino maybe the cause behind The Chicago Outfit being Sought are they attempting to get rid of the Outfit? ....

There seems to be a pattern, one coming out of NYC and what they did to John Gotti, and how they used Tony The Bull, to Rat out his Boss, The Bull is back in Jail. The game was to turn the control in NYC over to others more involved in the drug business.

The same play is being used in Chicago, Illinois, but this time the promise maybe about the fact that a very large land based Casino is coming into town, and those involved may want total control nothing less. Therefore would it not be a good idea to get Joey The Clown Lombardo and others out of the picture?

In Chicago there is so much crime and corruption politically within Government and within the Court System there seems to be no one fight the cause of these fronts, not to forget the amounts of racism and Clout what is being use in giving out jobs, and moving those up in the crab inside a pit game. But with the promise on land based casinos, hotels right out of vegas (5 stars0 Trump and others moving in, the Chicago seems to be moving out the poor, the middle class and everyone else to make room for this event, and it seems that they are folks moving out the "Outfit" as well so that the money will go to those involved.

The issue of Lombardo, seemed to come out from nowhere since the beginning of the year when those reportedly in jail starting telling all about knowledge of the Spilotro murders.

The fact is that they maybe using this to kill too birds with one stroke. For one if you get both to organize and fight against each other and sent in law enforcement, they can create a military diversion so that others with bigger plans can come into the door and take over operations.

In Chicago there have been no Mafia related hits nor any other horrific crimes since there seemed to be a truce some tima ago, and since the Clown got out of prison.

But then we are seeing here more and more mob types from other countries coming in taking over major operations.

The new movement can also help those seeking to get those of us that are civilians under control because of their special training, and then on the other hand you allow them turf in return.

The reason I am reporting this and getting you information on the Outfit and others within Gotti's family is to share thought of what if the game being play is not what you think?

To date no one will come out of the Justice Department and Arrest anyone who was involved in 9/11 other than to make unclear statements while knwoing that the Whistle blowers who worked within the government had evidence and facts to get those involved put in jail.
But instead they investigate older members of the Chicago Outfit why?

And what about all the other criminals in Illinois who go without any review.

Please note that the devil has us work against each other, and those who think I am lying look at Sammy the Bull and what happened to him with Gotti and look at whose running the NYC operation today? There is also many foreign Mobsters in NYC, New Jersey, Boston and other areas and the Bull is back in Jail.