Monday, June 20, 2005

The War Between Blacks and Whites - The Cuba Missile Crisis - What May Have Happened The Cover-up

When I was a little girl I recall my father and mother discussing his work on the News for the then Nation of Islam. The publication Mohammad Speaks, a taboloid my father was commissioned to write for the Nation of Islam, under the direction of it's then leader the Honorable Elijah Mohammad, Prophet, and it's spiritual minister.

The press speaks only about the issues of Malcolm X, and that of The Minister Farrakhan but leaves little within a history marker of the real person who created the Black Nations Movement which came from a concept and belief system given by a Drew Nobel Ali, who back as far as 1914 coming out of NYC and rooting in Chicago's South side a religion connected to the MOOR's. It was rumored that this religion was not Islam nor in its content matched the true teachings of Mohammad based on the Quaran and or the Sarah. It was a blend of both Islam and Chirstianity. Maybe like the religon of the Sufi but not the Religion of the Prophet Mohammad.

In fact I found out that there were people (Missionary's from Saudi Land) then who were upset about the teachings from Drew Nobel Ali, who had gone to the U.S. Justice Department to protest the teachings given.

But out of this came the teaching of The Honorable Elijah Mohammad, and the movement of the Black Muslims in the United States. Again different but again it was developed to make a very important statement, that statement was that Blacks were not being treated equal in this country. They lacked jobs, equal rights, equal housing, could only purchase homes on Contract and were being robbed, but we were allowed in the military if something happened to fight without regard of our treatment within a very segrated military, whereby blacks where on Naval Vessels and mistreated, in the army mistreated and places like West Point and other Academy's were far worse, separation of the then "colored" impacted on many a black man and woman, the rights and basic freedoms which were a so-called part of the United States was not intented for Blacks and is still indeed missing today over 50 years later.

I spoke to a friend of my father who was one of the first numbers of blacks allowed into West Point, it was a nightmare that stayed with him until he had died. Separation, placed in confinement, away from the eyes of his white counterparts to make sure that he would not disturbed those who were "white" by seeing and speaking to someone of what was concerned a lower class. Indeed it was not class but more a implied Caste System just like the one in East India this country had allowed, based on the Masonic Orders of those whose power and authority came from the Middle East.

Look at the dollar, the eye of Horus, relates to Egypt, and the power which came out of the Masonic Lodges. This was what formed America, this was our crete and Blacks who were enslaved here were bought here based on these concepts.

America became the New World for the Masons after they were removed from England under King James and chased away, beheaded and murdered on his orders, many of them came here to this new world and bought their Free masonic orders to the US.

But blacks were not a part of this nor were intented to be anything here other than slaves for building this nation and without the rights being allowed by these orders they were freed and cause a problem, whereby the Black Final Solution was being plotted from the time the first civil war had ended.

We were here, free, and now what do we do with these slaves, and this had been the plight within the Black community and because of this plight the Black Power movement for Equal Rights came about.

Our world in the 1960's became a fight for justice and freedom more than anyone will ever understand and really know.

My father had been in this movement all his life, because he wanted these rights for himself, others and knew that it would be impossible to have these rights without the connection of millions of blacks and the best way of doing this was within the power of the press, via the media, via the entertainment field.

Dan Burley, indeed hubbed on Black Press and blended into the white press which many did not like both black and white then, and even now as I am doing much on the same plane within the broadcast I have offered up. Because again over 50 yrs later the black press has fallen and the real news in general is being controled without any one really stepping up to this cause because if they do they can loss all their money, careers and placement so they just follow blindly thinking that in the end the folks who got them to there place will protect them, which they never do, they then loss all and became the victim of the lie.

This is the issue of today but the Black Nation of Islam in the 1962 marked a line, a line to stop this oppression, it was a battle ground, and at the time this happened we were also in the Cuba Missile Crisis which began in 1961.

The Black Nation of Islam was on Oct 27, 1962 making a statement of what they wanted from America at a conference held in Chicago's McCormick Place. Where the Honorable Elijah Mohhammad, Malcolm X, the Nations Spokesperson, and Minister Louis Farrakhan, and others came together to hear what it was that those within the Black Power Movement demanded. At the same time there was a alert, a crisis that had moved to the extreme at the same afternoon of this meeting. The Bay of Pigs, the Cuba Missile Crisis, and on that same day the Soviets Launched a Luna Missile, which we were imvolved in a major attack, and from what I had found in my research tied to the factors that Blacks here within the movement had tied back into the Middle East, and connected to Castro's Cuba. Could this be the reason for this Meeting on Oct 27th 1962 at McCormick Place, and could this be the reason my father had laid died within the same day and next morning? Was he poisoned?

My father did not want to go to this conference, he had just launched his newspaper the Owl, in fact he was going to remove himself from writing for the Nation I heard this within my house, my mother would tell him to get out of it!, He was commissioned by S.B. Fuller to write Mohammad Speaks from columns as far back as the late 1940's which appeared under the various names, and was the voice of Elijah Mohammad himself. The movement was not wron because the nightmare of being black in the US was outrageous, the schools, the system of housing and jobs was not available it was not good times and then from the 1950's on the United States made available the Housing Projects, and welfare state, on paper it looked like they were giving money to blacks to move them up but indeed the money which came into government organizations like HUD was beging redirected miss used and stolen right out from under the programs. Years later people like Catherine Fitts who had been on my program came out and spoke of money being stolen whereby as a investigator of this issue she found out that within the Goverment many of the alleged Hud housing sites which were getting millions of dollars from tax payers were to un existing sites. Lies, the theft of Millions but all hidden from the eyes of the public who felt that all this money was going to the housing of the poor. In fact while I was involved in the Peace and Justice Radio Project in the 80's I found out that many within these projects were paying rent to the amount of over $900 a month. Hud is a Non-Profit Government based organization which was operating like a for profit Corporation.

Millions stolen, lack of housing which even now exist because the quest for the Black Final Solution is still at foot, hidden from the eyes of the public.
And in the 60's blacks reach a point of this is it, we had enough. My father was the reporter, jounralist and writer the Hub of the center of the Black Press because his writtings were read my millions all over the world. And this is why he was there, he had no choice, he was a dead man.

And the Cuba Missle Crisis was the beginning of his death and that of many to come from the year on to cover up what really happened on Oct 27th. 1962.

President Kennedy, who won by the help of Black votes came to a impass as well, maybe knwoing that his days were number because there was a middle eastern, Soviet, and Cuba problem, please recall his brother Robert was murdered and indeed he was involved in this crisis as was his brother.

What happened from 1961 until now has not been discussed but I am sharing with you information on my version of connecting many of the dots. I had a connection with my father at his grave site with hit me hard a few days ago and I saw it all and understood the factors I search for all these years. And I am Sharing this with you now.