Thursday, May 19, 2005

Open Letter to Judge Lefkow

This is an open Letter to Judge Lefkow and other Judges who are Elected Officials who are at alleged “RISK” due to there Judicial Rulings.....

Please note the record and please think of your responsibility,

Indeed I am very sorry that Judge Lefkow’s family were murdered, and the hands of unknown and known assailants. I use this term because there are still questions to who was the second man, and questions about known evidence out of Wisconsin’s coroners office which makes it unclear to who Bart A Ross was really, based on there test results and other evidence about this man and his illness which was not found within this report dealing with his surgery and dental records which had included the allegation of a implant of a radiative device to relief cancer.

According the coroner who I spoke to some time ago there was no evidence of any cancer in Mr. Ross’s face or body. And no implant, then there was a second man seem and stated within alleged facts which again seemed to be removed and not investigated but again this is not why I am writing this I am writing about injustice within America’s Court Systems and now with this request at the national capital you are seeking to remove more and more constitution rights to freedom of speak and freedom to speak out about injustice within the court system that you are a member of.

As you are indeed aware of within the Hale case, and again others that were before you in US District Court, your rule and decision was taken to the Appellate Court because there was question in your ruling. In these cased Judge Lefkow, the higher court receded on your ruling and in these cases it was interesting that in the Hale case your rule seemed not to be against him but the rule that came back was.

These cases as you know in many cases are indeed life and death decisions therefore you are placing the “PUBLIC” more at risk to being victimized within the courts by requesting that the public not have the right to state that there is indeed a issue within some of the courts with Judges Rules by asking for the removal of the basic rights of the votes to speak out about decisions and rules that are wrong and or in the line of touching on the issue of crossing over to “GREYLORD” which indeed happened right within Illinois courts which lead to the arrest of many Judges and the cleaning up the court systems.


You are also aware that there has been many scandals within the Courts about Judges who had taken BRIBES and other gifts in ruling and indeed they were in the pass arrested but now it seems that the public only has the right to attempt to file a appeal and hope that there will see the error within Judiciary ruling to correct a persons civil rights. And again your husband who was involved within the Civil Rights cause was involved in going back to Dr. King and others.

There are many cases within Illinois that are being ruled on Expartee and those members within the Judiciary system are not doing their “JOB” to resolve under the articles of the Constitutions whereby their basic civil rights of the public have been violated and without recourse.

Please note that there were cases of many Africa Americans who can not have rights and have complaint of Civil Rights abuse within Illinois Courts that they can not have their voices heard, and a gag order which you are seeking again violations the rights again of more and more blacks because they are speaking out as are many who had rules and hearing in which the judges rule without allowing evidence of both sides and or may act in CONFLICT OF INTEREST as what happened with Judge Holderman and his wife who worked within the law firm who represent4ed Edgewater Hospital, that could have cause a tainted ruling. If there was no press this case would have been still before him, and again this was CONFLICT OF INTEREST which never should of happened but does because of the power that Judgeships hold without what will now be recourse by the public.

This is what happened in Nazi Germany whereby the Judges were involved in ruling on cases controlled by the Nazi party, whereby those who had opposition to there rules ended up in death camps or in mental hospitals later removed as a part of the master plan.

In reading this you will not see this because just maybe you are indeed to close to the issue of corruption that is current and on going within the judiciary process and that when there are rulings whereby those seeking legal remedy are told they have no addition rights to bring the matter back into the courts and that they are being removed from seeking recourse within cases of injustice which indeed are happening within the Courts all around America.

Again you are a Civil Servant, appointed and elected into office at the hands of either the people and or the President of the United States who is again another elected official who should be involved in what the people within the nation wants not just what is good for his political ties.

So please in respect to this please rethink what the public you serve are indeed upset about and the many, many, victims of Judiciary ruling who years later get out of prison because of questions of Judges not looking into all the facts or DNA evidence being introduce years later.

Judges hold the balance but also within there hands life and death and one incorrect decision can cause a person to go to prison and now they can not speak out, they can have no voice, nothing because you are attempting to take this basic right away.

I recall that there was a Judge within Skokie Courts who ruled on a traffic matter, a matter which was a very simple parking ticket, dealing with environmental Civil Rights Activist, he was Jewish, he spoke out in court after going within the courts many times on this matter and being charge outrageous fines, this man was killed and crushed by Sheriff’s who acted on the behalf of the Judge when this man made a verbal statement within this Judges Court Room. The man’s mother a school teacher was a victim like yourself, because the sheriff’s acted as a ACTOR within the court and by the hands of the Judge who order them to take care of this man. He was crushed to death, his mother was not allowed to go to him, he was placed in another room and she was not allow to go with him in the emergency vehicle. And nothing happened to this Judge, but again the public needed to know this so that they could make sure that this Judge would not be re-elected.

And I hope can remember Judges on the take,.who received all those gifts from law firms during the 70's, at the time I was employed within a large law firm in Illinois within Conflict of Interest and later I was a Circuit Court Clerk, seeing much and its outrageous that you are attempting to turn the case of your husbands murder into a way and means to removal the rights of others to speak out!

Respectfully submitted by

D’Anne Burley
Host of