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The Story

In the Beginning there was the Great God Seti= Satan, and then in the Future there was Aleister Crowley -- 1875-1947 --

Crowley was the foremost Satanist of the modern era. He made no bones about the fact he served Lord Satan. He was so evil his own mother called him "The Beast". He called himself regularly by this name and by the number, 666. Crowley devised a hybrid brand of Black Magick that is in vogue today. He was convinced that he was incarnating a new magical era that would supercede Christianity. Crowley spent much of his later life seeking the Whore of Babylon, whom he thought could be an ideal magical [sex] partner.

The Beatles were satanists that had made a pact with the devil, and the bill had to be paid to the coven. Every band that has made a pact with satan has had a member die. Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, The Who, etc. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Lennon assassin Mark David Chapman clearly demonstrated that he was a satanist. In other words he was an errand boy collecting the payment for satan’s bill.

"Alone in my apartment back in Honolulu, I would strip naked and put on Beatles records and pray to Satan to give me the strength. I prayed for demons to enter my body to give me the power to kill" (cited by Evangelist Richard Ciarrocca, Observations, Dec. 1990).

Did The Pentagon and the Satanist Take over the Music Industry

“In his book, The Ultimate Evil, investigator-author Maury Terry writes that between 1966 and 1967, the Satanic cult, the Process Church, 'sought to recruit the Beatles.'"

The Beatles' Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album was dedicated to satanist Aleister Crowley. It was released 20 years, nearly to the day, after Crowley's death in 1947. The title song with the lyrics, "It was twenty years ago today..." On the album cover we see a collection of the Beatles personal heros. Aleister Crowley appears there.

Crowley was born in 1875 and was called the "Great Beast." He was known to practice ritual child sacrifice regularly, in his role as Satan's high priest or "Magus." Crowley died in 1947 due to complications of his huge heroin addiction. Before dying, he succeeded in establishing Satanic covens in many U.S. cities including Hollywood. Kenneth Anger, like Crowley, is a Magus, and appears to be the heir to Crowley. Anger was seventeen years old when Crowley died. In that same year, 1947, Anger was already producing and directing films which, even by today's standards, reek of pure evil.” -

A key link between the Beatles and the Process Church is Kenneth Anger, a follower of the "founding father" of modern Satanism, Aleister Crowley. Anger, born in 1930, and a child Hollywood movie star, became a devoted disciple of Crowley.

Satan’s plan preceding Christ’s Second Coming is outlined in the book of Revelation. His objective is to deceive the whole world through sin and direct them into worshipping him. This will include a destruction of Judeo Christian principles as the world turns to embrace and celebrate evil. Aleister Crowley was known as the chief Satanist of the twentieth century. Crowley was given a preview of the New Age revolution that was to be the foundation of the antichrists kingdom from a spirit who was identified as Satan himself. Entitled the Book of the Law, principles of free and perverted sex via the destruction of taboo were to earmark this era. In conjunction with this aim, Monroe was used as a tool to break society in for the radical philosophies of free sex that would be ushered in during the turbulent 1960’s.

The next to Come to Holly Wood.

Anton LaVey: Legend and Reality

The Largest movement of modern Satanism began in the 1960's in the United States, led by Anton Szandor LaVey, a shrewd, intelligent man with a charismatic persona and an imposing appearance. LaVey founded the church of Satan in San Francisco in 1966, the activities of which became the object of great media attention.

The History of Satans Church

Born April 11, 1930, in Chicago, LaVey claimed an ancestory of Alsatian, Georgian and Romanian blood, including a gypsy grandmother from Transylvania. As a child he studied music and became interested in the occult. He learned to play the piano at age 10, and at 15 became an oboist for the San Francisco Ballet Symphony Orchestra. He dropped out of high school in his junior year and joined the Clyde Beatty Circus as a cage boy. He had a gift for working with the large cats and became assistant trainer. It was in the circus, working with lions, he later said, that he learned about inner power and magic. On the side he investigated haunted houses. At 18, he left the circus and joined a carnival as a magician's assistant and a calliope player. In 1948 he met Marilyn Monroe and played as her accompanist.

He married his first wife, Carole, in 1951; they had one daughter, Karla. He studied criminology at City College in San Francisco, and spent 3 years as a crime photographer with the San Francisco police department. Disgusted with the violence that he had seen, he quit and returned to playing the organ at local night clubs and theatres. He began holding classes on occult subjects. From these classes evolved a magic circle, which met to perform rituals LaVey had devised or re-created from historical sources on the Knights Templar , The Hellfire Club, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley. LaVey apparently enjoyed the theatrics of the rituals; he dressed in a scarlet lined cape and kept skulls and other odd objects about. Magic-circle members included actress Jayne Mansfield and film maker Kenneth Anger.

LaVey divorced Carole in 1960 and married Dianne, a 17 year old who worked as a usherette at his friday night occult sessions. The had a daughter, Zeena. From 1960 to 1966 he developed his elitist satanic philosophy. He viewed the devil as a dark force hidden in nature, ruling earthly affairs. Mans true nature, he claimed , is one of lust, pride, hedonism and willfulness, attributes that enable the advancement of civilization. Flesh should not be denied but celebrated. Individuals who stand in the way of achieving what one wants should be cursed.

On Walpurgisnacht (April 30) in 1966, LaVey shaved his head and announced the founding of the Church of Satan. He shrewdly recognized the shock value of using the term church for worshiping the devil and recognized peoples innate for ritual, ceremony and pageantry. He performed satanic baptisms, weddings and funerals, all of which received widespread media coverage. He used a nude woman (partially covered by a leopard skin) as an alter. His wife, Dianne became high priestess of the Church. He baptized Zeena. Karla began giving lectures on Satanism at universities and colleges.

LaVey preached antiestablishmentarianism, self indulgence and all forms of gratification and vengeance. Enemies were to be hated and smashed. Sex was exalted. He opposed the use of drugs, saying they were escapist and unnecessary to achieving natural highs. He also deplored the use of black magic in criminal activity. He did not include the Black Mass in his rituals because he believed the Black Mass to be out of date.

The Church of Satan organized into grottoes. A reversed pentacle containing a goats head, called the baphomet, was chosen as the symbol. LaVey used Enochian as the magical language for rituals and espoused the Enochian keys used by Crowley.

Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe

GO TO Hollywood Unmasked

Monroe’s occult involvement answers a slew of questions surrounding her.

surrounding her aggressive assault on the traditional views most American’s held regarding sexual morality. Biographer Anthony Summers of Goddess: Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe, writes, “Marilyn had a lifelong interest in the occult, and she often visited astrologers and psychics.” Case in point: Kenny Kingston, a psychic to Hollywood celebrities,

Jayne Mansfield

Before becoming a disciple of Anton LaVey, Mansfield held a strong interest in the supernatural. According to May Mann, Mansfield's best friend of 12 years, Mansfield pursued astrology, religious cults, was fascinated with Satanism and the occult, and engaged in bizarre behavior such as wandering around graveyards and cemeteries.

Following an introduction to LaVey's Church of Satan, Mansfield insisted on meeting him. Upon their meeting, Mansfield came to embrace all of the Satanic doctrines, as well as pledged membership to the Church of Satan. Mansfield had a custom pink and black Baphomet medallion made for her, and as an avid promoter of Satanism even wore it to the 1966 San Francisco Film Festival. Mansfield's perseverance and determination within the Church soon escalated her to the position of High Priestess. This honor came with a certificate that she had framed and proudly hung in her bedroom. To compliment her occult studies, she also enveloped herself in witchcraft and black magic.

According to LaVey, Mansfield would plead with him for Satanic blessings and curses, calling him several times a day for blessings on her work. When Jayne's son was seriously wounded, Lavey was sought after and responded by saying "I give you my word, I will do everything in my power." LaVey said that he called on Satan to save the boy. Jayne again vowed "eternal gratitude" when further complications arose and LaVey was requested to summon Satan for assistance. A ritual was promptly conducted for Satan's blessing.

Jayne's friends all insist that her greatest desire was to be in the movies. As LaVey's disciple, she was encouraged to trust in Satan for her wishes and desires. Eyewitnesses speak of Mansfield's full compliance to evil- "stretching out nude upon the altar of the Black Mass," "opening herself up to the devil," and "asking LaVey for help in strengthening her career." More than anything else Mansfield waned success as a moviestar. LaVey told Mansfield:

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