Friday, May 20, 2005

Expulsion of Tens of Thousands of Gypsies, Western Workd Remains Silent as the New Holocast Begins Just as in WWII WELCOME TOTHE 4th RIECHT


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May 20, 2005

Germany Begins Barbaric Mass Expulsion of Tens of Thousands of Gypsies,
Western World Remains Silent As New Holocaust Begins

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

In a world where the senses of all human beings are becoming harder to
shock due to the mounting number of worldwide atrocities, spreading
diseases, global weather chaos and impending global war, we learn today
that Germany has undertaken the largest mass expulsion of an indigenous
peoples to occur this century, and as we can read as reported by the
British News Service Independent in their article titled "Germany is
accused of racism as 50,000 Roma are deported", and which says;

"Germany is deporting tens of thousands of Roma refugees to Kosovo
despite clear threats to their safety and dire warnings from human
rights groups that they will face "massive discrimination" on arrival.
The first of hundreds of planeloads of deportees will arrive at the
Slatina airport in Kosovo today, blazing a trail for up to 50,000 people
who are to be sent back.

Leaked documents obtained by The Independent reveal that the German
government took the controversial decision to eject thousands of Roma
refugees and other minorities in November of last year, regardless of
the risks they may face on returning home."

No other peoples other than those of the Jewish peoples have been more
persecuted than the Roma, and as history has well recorded, "Roma were
the only other population besides the Jews who were targeted for
extermination on racial grounds in the Final Solution. Determining the
percentage or number of Roma who died in the Holocaust is not easy. Much
of the Nazi documentation still remains to be analyzed, and many murders
were not recorded, since they took place in the fields and forests where
Roma were apprehended."

Not just to the wars of last Century, but for many hundreds of years
have the barbaric Germans treated these Roma's as wild animals, and
again as history has rightly recorded, "Roma, commonly but inaccurately
called Gypsies, were the only other population besides the Jews who were
targeted for extermination on racial grounds in the Final Solution. They
arrived in Europe about the year 1300 from India, which they had left
nearly three centuries before as a military population of mixed,
non-Aryan origin assembled to fight the invading Muslims. Their entry
into Europe, via the Byzantine Empire, was also the direct result of
Islamic expansion.

As a non-Christian, non-white, Asian people possessing no territory in
Europe, Roma were outsiders in everybody's country. Romani culture also
ensured - as it still does - that a social distance be kept between Roma
and gadjé (non-Roma), and thus their separateness was further

Romani people in Germany call themselves Sinti, while Zigeuner is the
German equivalent of "Gypsy." When the Nazis came to power in 1933,
German laws against them had already been in effect for hundreds of
years. The persecution of the Romani people began almost as soon as the
first Roma arrived in German-speaking lands because as outsiders, they
were breaking many of the Hanseatic laws which made it a punishable
offence not to have a permanent home or job, and not to be on the
taxpayer's register. They were also accused of being spies for the
Muslims, whom few Germans had ever met but about whom they had heard
many frightening stories. The dark complexions and non-Christian
behavior and appearance of the Roma simply added to the prejudice which
was steadily growing. In 1721 Emperor Karl VI ordered the extermination
of all Roma everywhere; it was not illegal to murder a Rom, and there
were sometimes "Gypsy hunts," in which Roma were tracked down and killed
like wild animals. Forests were set on fire, to drive out any Roma who
might have been hiding there."

Not remembered by the Western peoples are that these types mass
expulsions have always been precursors to much greater atrocities should
they go unchallenged, today no one challenges Germany.

To these Roma peoples themselves they always say "Gypsy, one scattered
race, like stars in the sight of God".

Today only God sees them as once again the world turns away from their
crying children, desperate mothers and humiliated fathers.

Today, and once again, the world evidences the fact that these Western
peoples care not for anything other than their materialistic well being,
even to suffering of those earths' peoples least able to defend

Before God who will stand accused of this barbarity? All who knew,
watched silently and then turned away. How sad this world has become,
how very sad.

© May 20, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

Sorcha Faal