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The Roots of Terrorism - FROM THE GROUND AND UP

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The Roots of Terrorism - From the Ground and up
101 on Terrorism in your Neighborhood

By D’Anne Burley


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My Story of the terrorist Cell in Illinois and the connect to major cells in The US and abroad

In the Summer of 1999, and prior I was involved in the development of a low cost low requirement lending program which I named “Secured Homes of America” the goal was to establish home ownership for everyone.

I had a very close friend, who had gotten me involved in the building industry talk me into going into the home building business, whereby I saw that many people were going within homes because of qualifications needed and lack of credit scores due to too much debt and lack of income, and because of this I created a speciality program which would help many to over come this issue a program no one at the time had, we had also copy written the concept but the concept, was my idea and my creation with the help of my then alleged friend and business partner.

During the development of my program I felt that we needed to have a outside funding source whereby I sought out Mortgage Companies that were going under and or had a retiring owner shop that I could operate my program out of, this is when I went into a business contract with Mortgage Company located in Chicago’s upscale community of the Gold Coast and near to One Mag Mile. When I came in I was in the background, and my partner went in to contract the idea, he was not knowledgeable as I in the areas of business, accounting, computers and law, plus I had a background in investigation whereby for a number of years I would investigate issues which impacted in the community and would then report them back into various media sources I had until they started one by one to shutdown all over the US.

Just before entering into this business I began to search records and located that this business was in a lawsuit with it’s former Office Manager, whereby the owner had sued this man and stated that he had cause the financial ruin of his firm. The man in fact had came back into the business which was alleged within the suit, and got into physical fights with those within the loan officers, and others, what he did was placed ad’s about a program which was not in content true and got a number of folks loans which ended up costing them more in increase interest within less than three months. I found out the reality of this mess when I came into the door of this business and then I had to use all my paralegal skills and them some to reverse all this craziest which came from complaints from former clients and customer. I was the Director Of Operations and my then former friend and business partner was the Director of Marketing which I created as a position as well.

The title meant nothing really, I had to take charge because of what I was seeing and that at the time I knew that there was something wrong within and because of my knowledge of office politic’s and things that go bump in the night within these business from working within other fortune 500 firms made me aware of things others would over look until they are in too deep.

Just before we came into this business its owner and his wife traveled into Romania which I felt was a very strange trip because at the time in the year 2000 there was a outbreak of violence within and it seemed that it was no place to go and or visit. He was gone for over a month, his wife was the former wife of a man who was well known in Illinois for his involvement in city and state based road construction and who was in the past involved in a major investigation in corruption and paving contract corruption, for which he was sentence. There was a third man who bought us together with this business he was a alleged business broker out of a Western Suburb, it was later founded out that this man was being sought for rental property/ real estate scam whereby once I later starting to look into all these people I saw a pattern of ties back and forward into corruption. The owner was also a former military intelligence person who was alleged retired which was stated within his resume which I had a copy of within my office. While within this place he refuse to allow me to look at any of the former loan files and records of which he kept locked in his office, the only thing I was allowed access to while current records from when we came into the door, which cause my suspicion to rise higher and I attempted to obtain information on these records from other means and measures because we were in our so-called contractual agreement going to at a point take control of the business because it’s owner told us that he would be retiring all from what I later access was a lie and a deception for a bigger possible scam on us. We were being used, as a coverup and then later “Parked” in one of the “Crew Based” loan officers outside offices which was tied back into the business in which we had sought to escape from. My then business partner was blank to the fact that these people were involved in things, though there were right in eyes view.

The case of the former Office Manage I investigated more and more and saw that the owner of my business attempt to get this man jailed, and then later allowed his loan processor to take charge of the business while this was in court. The Loan Processor was involved in this fight with the former Manager as well, but was also involved in spending lots of money out of the business for things which the owner felt was not needed he got into it with her and she left, but then created a mortgage business out of her garage which was not a legal operation, but because she was not in this office anymore. I started just compiling facts and information just in case there were ties back to the business I was involved in taking over, the reason was that I wanted to part of any illegal operation.

As I wrote about before this business was were I met a Mr. Steven Suhail” Al-Masri, who was there top Loan Officer, and who was also involved in citing issues within the Islamic Community via his newspaper Al-Salaam Newspaper, and he was also the CFO of the Al-Salaam Mosque Foundation which was attempting to open up a Mosque within the Suburb of Palos Heights Illinois. There was a big fight about this because those within the area felt that there were the possibility of terrorist cells coming into the community I later read, but before it became a racial issue and there was a law suit filed by those within the Islamic Community citing that they were being hit by acts of racism. Steven was the CFO which is Chief Financial Officer, and a man named Ghassan Bullut was the President of this Organization which the press and those who were involved in this cover-up renamed in the press Mosques Foundation so to coverup ties to my stories and reports to cover up and lie about the issue that I had reported these issues to those in government and they did nothing,

Ghassan Bullut was the man who the DEA had arrested in the Chicago area for heading up the Jihad in this nation, and who had ties into the Islamic Foundations Holyland Foundation which was alleged as a funding source for terrorist cells around the world.


The Holyland foundation was located in Texas, and had moved into the Chicago land area after Texas Newspapers reported ties to corruption and possibilities of ties to cells for a number of years I spoke to reporters there who were afraid to speak out about s any more because they were being sued by this organization and the paper decided to cut writing these stories, because of all the bad press I think they decided to move into the Chicago land area.

Read this about the Holy Land Foundation:
holyland foundation



please click here for more info


On one hand the Foundation was involved in helping many but again there were rumors of money laundering and scandals tied back into cells which included the Jihad, which is more a concept of a Holy war, and Al-Qaeda. Steven I felt was a major player, and I watched and did background checks it seemed deeper than those within the government embarked on during this period.

Because I became a risk at my former mortgage company, they charged the locks, we were not fired, they wanted to talk to us, but I refused to meet with them, the owner and his business broker because I did not trust these people, I filed paperwork and complains to cover myself and my former friend, because I felt something was going on there and I wanted no parts of it.

But at the time my then friend became friends with Al-Marsi, which was designed to move up to a “Parked” position whereby we could be watched and dealt with at a later date. Once in the door I saw many, many businesses within a bank of phone lines within the small office with no employees, There was a Islamic newspaper, a embassy? - oddly I got calls within for this and I got these calls because once within this tiny office, I was both the Vice President of Royal Financial Group Inc., and also the Office Manager for Steven while working jointly with my then former friend in developing a working version of The Riba For Purchasing Homes, a program which was only to be used within the Islamic Community which I was seeking to work into the tax and other laws we had in the US. While in this business, I got a number of calls from people who sought to harm Steven his family and whose who were within this office meaning myself and my former friend. Steven also had a car business, insurance company, other activist groups “ and something called a Jordanian Flight School” which would what I saw was teaching flight on Boeing 747 planes out of a Chicago Suburban Airport, coming out of this office via phone lines, and tied back to many cell phone numbers whereby he would switch carriers and change his phone number mainly his cell number a lot towards the end.

Then he started bring in loans, and I looked at them and refused to process them, because they were not what I would say trustworthily, I looked like I was processing them, but once I got one in with a attachment of an alert that the man who sought to get money to build a food store in California was involved in a bombing they I loss interest, because it could be a loan which would do us in, but again this man was a friend of Steven. He came into the office. Others were loans were people used others were people who had no banking accounts, no real jobs but boxes of money and again I was not going to take the risk and at the time which was before 9/11/01 seemed very odd and I recalled that my processor from the other connected business told me that they were not trusting the loans coming from Steven due to the same reason .

Within my former business I got into it with them on the day I left, and later was locked out and received a call to meet to discuss someone which I did not go to, on the day before one of the Loan Officers did a bad thing, he took $5k from a family in the Suburb promising them a loan so that they could move out of their present house to a new one. They were Spanish, and the wife was pregnant and were told that there loan was approved! The wife was in the hospital they were in the process of getting the other home and sold they old house, whereby the pregnant wife had no where to go after GIVING BIRTH BECAUSE THEY’RE HOME WAS SOLD! it was found out that the office lied and had no mortgage for them. My Mortgage Company was being used in name but the loan was redirected into a shadow business which was unlicensed so on paper it looked like us while the loan was being setup else where.

On the morning I found this one out I came into the office around 6am and was greeting by 5 calls from the Realtor who had looked into this and had felt that we were involved in something illegal. Since this loan was not in our pipeline which is a report of all loans in process and or those entering into the business. I began my own investigation and found out that the loan was dirt! The loan office had this loan on paper as coming out of by business but in fact it was coming out of the former processor who was operating out of her garage! It was totally illegal and I stopped it called the officer in to fire him, because he took the money on a refinance and I told him that he as not doing this under my watch we started to leap over my office desk to go after me, then my former friend jumped in and stopped him on the stop they almost got into a physical fight the loan officer did not want to return the money!

So I fired him! He went to the owner who rehired him and told me that it was ok, that he was working another deal, this was why I left, and their was others things on the same day which came to our attention which cause me to quit! Only to return the next day to get things out of there and to watch them change the locked on the door! It was a move like in a mission impossible program I felt I was in danger but I had to do this to protect myself from whatever else they were involved in.

I wanted to parts of these people, none, but my ex-friend, business partner felt that Steven was on the up and up and I did not trust him either because I felt all within those doors accept the receptionist were knowledgeable and we were allowed in as “Fall Guys” as all the others who worked within that office. We were just there as a cover for whatever they were doing. They were closed down by the Office of Banks and Real a few years back because they had refused to show there records the same one I had asked to see which I was involved in both managing and to be in the future the owner of the business. The funny thing was they never returned a copy of our signed contract to us, again a sign that there was something else going on.

This business had a pattern of closing down and reopening under another name a measure many do in order to coverup fraud and scams. “The Business” names stay very much like the name of the business being sought after..... Like if you had a business called Times you will use the word Times in the next business so that no one will know your were shutdown. Another way and means is to use names of business that are well known which will make those coming to you think you are a part of the larger business such as America Airlines, you would use American Air, and or something close to coverup your copycat business.

This was a pattern, and many in the business of fraud, scams, corruption and terrorism had the same pattern they use to do their thing and if they are involved in terrorism they also leave a signature behind to let those out there who had hired them to know that they had killed and or did their job. And this is what we here don’t understand.

I saw copycat businesses, and other things and again this was being done within the Mortgage Industry and those at the top and those who had the power to do something about this turned their heads because they were maybe either afraid to do anything and or were being told to stand down from those higher than them within the conspiracy.

Steven Al-Marsi, was a very interesting man, a man with a number of businesses, well known it was alleged within the Islamic Community and tied here and within the middle East. He told me that he was at one point a former military man who was a pilot in the Royal Jordanian Air force. When I asked him about the Flight School which Operated out of our Palos Heights Office, the former Governors Secretary called our office to invite him to parties and other events and it may have been because of his newspaper but indeed it seemed that there was more of a friendly relationship here.

From my investigation I tracked Steven to the Gaza Strip, and into London where he was involved in a Financial Corp which seemed in my investigated caused him to flee out of the area, then he was in the area of Texas, Florida with family in both Florida and also California. He was also involved in a business called SKM which was investigated that was involved in a property rental scam and which traced backed into Chicago area. From what I saw Steven was sued by SKM for fraud, and they could not located him for his court case, what SKM did was they would buy properties and then give them to individuals to operation as owners because they were a part of the corporate family, they would be on the deed as a owner but in the corporation the property was owned by SKM those within this family would be able to collect rents while SKM would from what I saw and alleged collect the money from many, many refinance loans, etc which would bleed the property dry until it was transferred into the hands of another SKM owner.

They seemingly were in the California area shutdown due to a fraud investigation and they moved in to Illinois and a few other states, prior to meeting Steven I was involved in investigating them because they were targeting a number of properties on the south side
I took this information to a south side area Alderman and also Congressman who said they would investigate but they later did nothing. The Congressman was Bobby Rush who was a former member of the Black Panthers. Later in my investigation I found Steven was connected in, involved in SKM!

Steven also owned a food store near White Sox park, which was shutdown. I did a complete investigation because what happened was I got very mad, about being used, parked, and placed in danger by not only all these terrorist but those within the government who refused to look into anything I had reported to them and also the fact that these people have made sure that I would be either homeless, murdered within hospitals, and or harm within scams, frauds and scams whereby corruption and criminals are allowed rights within the courts and whereby I had none!
In the month of August 2001 I had a lawsuit filed on Dupage County Illinois which I had transferred to Cook County, at this point Steven was depressed and getting ready to moved out of Illinois quickly, claiming he had no money, closing his office and was going into California to work with his brother he alleged. As I stated he had family in Florida and also in California, he January 2002 he was arrested for Operation Mountain Express III.

Read the following from the DEA Report click here
On July 7th., 2005 Steven Al-Masri Sentencing hearing information:

In January 2002,

I also saw connections to Steven to the Saudi Royal Family, his brother was a horse trainer within this family. His father was tied as a high ranking official to the Sauds. In fact when we were involved in Royal Financial Group Inc., his friend got 50 mil from Prince Bin Talal which was earmarked for our business which was redirected back into a copycat business Baytana Funding which I had sued they stole our business concept and also the money which caused to look into many others tied back into those involved within the Illinois based cells and others connected to BCCI scandal, money laundering, property scams, resale of food “YES THE FREE FOOD YOU HAD DONATION TO OVERSEAS MISSIONS” which were alleged sent back into the US and sold in poorer and Urban Communities. We are being used and we are not dong anything but closing our minds to that we are the financiers of Terrorist! And it can not happen unless there are those tied back within the government allowing this to happen!.

Next Article to Come:

Who was involved in the London Bombing

Volume:8 Book :81 (Limits and Punishments set by Allah (Hud)Number :777

Whenever the Prophet was given an option between two things, he used to select the easier of the tow as long as it was not sinful; but if it was sinful, he would remain far from it. By Allah, he never took revenge for himself concerning any matter that was presented to him, but when Allah's Limits were transgressed, he would take revenge for Allah's Sake.

And within the Christian Bible it took seven days for God to create the World!

WHAT HAPPENED ON JULY 7TH., 2005 = 77 and 2005 2+5=7 77 = Which Means Completion in Religion and can be a clue to those involved in this event.

How you can connect the dots to hired assassins they always leave there calling card.

Let in 9/11= Emergency now we have 777= Completion and how to tie in the dots on the few days before:

1) A diplomat of Iraqi Sherif who was ‘Egyptian” was kidnaped Daughter was murdered before, and on July 7th., 2005 was killed by kidnappers.

2) G8 gave 3 Billion Dollars to Palestine to rebuild
3) in California a Sentencing Hearing for Steven Al-Marsi and maybe others involved in moving over 50 Mega Tons of Crystal Meth and drug making material into California under Operation Mountain Express II and III whereby 39 individuals were arrested in one of a number of Drug Bust in the US whereby they were using drugs as a measure to maybe fund Jihad and Alqaeda Activity within the United States, Al-Masri was tied in Illinois to those like Ghassan Bullut and others involved in the Jihad and maybe other terrorist groups, which I had reported. The capture closed down a very large money laundering Operation which may have included the sale of Date Rape Drugs as well.

Now look at the parallels to the signature of the persons involved in the crime. The same MO in design which may mean a copycat of those connected to 9/11/01 which is the use of things relating numbers to things we can associate with, like 9/11 meaning Emergency and 777 completion. The use of bombs it’s a signature for that assassin.

Who paid them, well the amount to do this would be in the Millions and or Billions of Dollar mark, the money had to be paid in a way that would not be detected but in plain view, So what type of money just transferred in hands to one person and or government to another?

There was also a rumor that there were 23 Israelites on the subway at the time, why were they in the area and also why were they on the train in London? A alleged victim of the bombing was Israeli Anat Rosenberg resident in London was on the bus wrecked at Tavistock Hill and talking on the phone when it exploded. She has been missing since.I have found nothing to date on her but found it interesting that she was stated as being a Isrealite and that she was missing while on a cell phone, this reminded me of John O’Neill who was alleged on his cell just minutes before being killed alleged within the WTO towers on 9/11/01 the building he was hired to Manage and head Security for, John was a former FBI agent of over 30 years. Who was involved in investigating Bin Laden’s brother who was alleged involved in moving drugs in and out of the Boston Airport, date rape drugs that is, in fact there was a article about the fact that one of Bon Laden’s brother is getting together bin Laden’s Legal Defense Funds this to happened within a few days before the bombing in London.

Just a day before 9/11/01 look who the President was at a meeting with;

World Trade Center burned on Sept. 11, 2001, the news interrupted a Carlyle business conference at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel here attended by a brother of Osama bin Laden. Former president Bush, a fellow investor, had been with him at the conference the previous day.

But even if you believe the conspiracy theories that Carlyle luminaries are pulling strings on the company's behalf, there is evidence they haven't been very good at it lately. The current Bush administration has sloughed off advice from Baker calling for restraint in the Middle East, where Carlyle has investors, and from former president Bush on the need for calm on the Korean peninsula, where Carlyle owns banks. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld even canceled the $11 billion Crusader howitzer program, a crucial contract for the Carlyle-owned United Defense company.

Rubenstein resents the suggestion that Carlyle's bigwigs shape public policy for private gain -- it's what made him erupt in an interview about his lack of connections. "Do you really think the current president of the United States would ruin his reputation and potentially hurt the United States because of his father's business interests? It's ludicrous," he says. "Do you really think because your father's making speeches in Saudi Arabia you're going to tilt U.S. policy one way or the other? It's ridiculous, it's absurd."

To read the full article click and or paste this site address below to visit the site where is article appeared:

Here is another story about this meeting:

Very good report on Bin Laden and his family connection to Bush:

Here is another one to read:

The date signature ( 9/11/01 and 7/07/2005 before this there was 04/19/85, 04/19/93, 04/19/95 which where dates of things like Waco, Ok City and another for those who wish to look into clues, but there are signatures of a team and or special op’s unit hired to assassin a target) is just a few examples of the same team used to do this yes there were more than just one person involved. In the case of Waco I was informed to the fact that was to get rid of FBI/ATF agents who had information which pose a problem, and tied back to the reason that the building in Ok city was bombed. At Waco the target was not David it was the three agents you cause a bigger event to coverup a major target.

The clues are here, who received money, the signature to the assassins, those who may have had and important link to this crime. And others it seems to me it was caused by trained paid special op’s unit and or assassin teams hired to cause us to look at the bombing and not look at the real target, and yes, they will kill others around to coverup the real target and or target but they always get there mark. That is normally the person and or persons killed within any recovery the wounded are just persons needed to cover the real crime.

Remember the Jackal he was real and he was a hired assassin they claim he was one of the best.

Please read this on the Jackal:


Read this one to understand what I am attempting to tell you here:

Egypt's Task Force 777

In 1972, Egyptian President Anwar as-Sadat exiled more than 30,000 Soviet advisors and began moving towards peace with Israel and closer ties with the west. Egyptian intelligence began receiving word that groups such as the Abu Nidal Faction and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine had vowed to take violent action against Egyptian targets and people. Because of this threat, the Egyptian Army was tasked with creating a unit capable of counter-terrorist and hostage rescue operations.

In 1977, Egypt's Task Force 777 was created. Initially, this unit was staffed by 3 officers, four NCOs, and forty operators. Soon after, they were thrust into battle unprepared in the Libyan desert. They had no order of battle, no experience and little organization.

Then, in 1978 they were dispatched to assault an airplane hijacked by the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) and flown to Cyprus. Having only an hour to plan while in the air they were unprepared. Then, the Egyptian Ministry of Defense neglected to inform the Cyprus authorities of TF 777's imminent arrival. The local police and Guard units thought the assaulting commandos were terrorist reinforcements and took TF 777 under fire. An 80 minute firefight that cost the lives of 15 777 operators and several Cyprots ensued.

TF 777's most notorious operation though, was the botched rescue attempt at Malta. Palestine Radicals, angered over Egypt's failure to protect the fleeing Achille Lauro terrorists, seized Egyptair flight 648 (ironically, the same airplane that had been used to transport the Achille Lauro terrorists out of Egypt) and flew it to Luga Int. Airport in Malta. This time, Egypt made sure that the foreign government new TF 777 was coming.

The members of TF 777 however, made several errors. First, they failed to perform any surveillance of the ground situation. Second, they failed to debrief hostages that had survived a botched execution attempt. Third, they didn't study blueprints of the Boeing 737. Fourth, they did not have stun grenades. Lastly, TF 777 operators elected to blow a hole in the roof to gain entry to the 737.

In order to stun the terrorists and gain time for operators to enter through the hole in the roof, the explosive charge was increased beyond recommended levels. The blast was so powerful SIX rows of seats were knocked loose and nearly twenty passengers were killed. Then members who entered though the doors began throwing smoke grenades and firing indiscriminately. Snipers positioned on top of rescue vehicles began firing at fleeing civilians. In all, the botched operation killed 57 hostages.

Understandably, Unit 777 has kept a low profile since this incident. They have been involved in Egypt's civil war against the "Brotherhood" and have lost several operators in this conflict. Because of the secrecy now surrounding the unit, the exact weaponry used today is not known. However, because of close contact with the US military, who supplies much of their training, it is reasonable to assume they are using much of the same weapons US teams use.

Force 777 is based near Cairo with a fleet of Mi-8 and Westland command helicopters ready for immediate deployment 24 hours a day. They have received training from the American SFOD-Delta and SEAL Team 6 units (Before ST 6 was shut down ) as well as from France's GIGN and possibly Germany's GSG-9.

Here is another clue maybe you decide:

on November 23, 1985. After this event, the United States refused to participate in further training with the unit (this has since been reversed). Today, the 250-300 -man Unit 777 is a significantly improved force. They fall under the command of the Army Commando Command, both of whom are based in Cairo. Force 777 trains with the help of GSG-9, GIGN, and Delta Force. All members are qualified in static-line airborne operations, although any skill they may have with HALO is unclear. The primary operations of Force 777 involve the suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood. There have been rumors that 777 has conducted cross-border operations, although this cannot be confirmed.

o Correct name of the Unit 777 in EG Army database is [ 777 Combat Unit ], vice "Unit 777."

The Arabic name is "Wehdat 777 Qataal" = "Unit Number 777 Combat" (reflects the British system and sequence for naming and designating military units =>

type unit + numerical designator or honorific name + special qualification/mission

Example of a U.S. equivalent under this designation system would be [ division + 82 + airborne (actually "parachutes" in Arabic) ]

o Your post is correct about the assignment of 777 CU under the Commando Forces HQ (Arabic: "Qiyaadat quwaat al-Sa'iqa" = Arabic: Headquarters of the Commando Forces). HQ building is in Nasser City suburb of Cairo.

The English term "commando" has a broad meaning and is applied as a generic descriptor. When Egyptian military are discussing their Army's SOF with English-speakers, they use the English term "Commandos" as a familiar and by-now generally-understood reference. However, the actual Arabic term of reference is Al-Sa'iqa.

How hired op’s and assassins leave there mark at the site of crimes they commit, a pattern of terrorism and the attacks.

The 39 Principles of Holy War the Jihad as seemed by Israel

A Vital Piece of the Puzzle-Dollars for Terror- The United States and Islam
by Carol Brouillet

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