Saturday, May 28, 2005

Illinois Scandals include, Hospitals, Tollway and Hightway Authorities and the Theft of Millions of Dollars via Campaign Funds.

Because I had explosed many scandals in Illinois which included a very scale Terrorist Ring which those in Illinois refuse to give me any credit as of doing nor are they interested in protecting my rights as a citzen from being attacked and the victim of those tied in "CLOUT" to Chicago area Politicals who are Untounchable to any review and or investigation to fraud and taking millions from those who travel via public transportation and or the Highway.

These thefts are them heard in the media whereby many go no where because of the political ties that those involved have right up to the steps of Governors Office in Springfield.

If I call there Press Aids I get no where because if is a power house of self made politicians who have little reguard nor interest in the campaigns they place before the public which helped them win office.

Because of my reports going back as far as 15 years ago, with the major one occuring during Sept 11, 2001 whereby those in Chicago Government refused to protect my rights and or protect me from acts of Terror from those who setup the arena for the Events of Sept 11th., 2001 to happen via money laundering, fraud and theft which translated back into Billions of dollars used to create the money to pay for all the hate groups to form and also money that was placed in the hands of terrorist who flew planes into the WTC towners in NYC>

I had become a victim, of money order counterfeiters, theft of my bank account via AOL and others whereby no one can do anything to investigate, I had murder threats which the police and other agencies refused to investigate stating that it was a civil matter, matters which concerned someone stating on the telephone that they were going to kill me which I had on tape!, In addition I got threatening e-mails, followed by Attorney's who with "Clout and ties within the courts was allowed to harrash me in Hinsdale Illinois even after I reported to authorities their was a alleged involvement of them receiving "Bag Money" to hide! All was ok and left to me to attempt to flee from.

Indeed Chicago Illinois is worse than Mississippi Burning, because the things I am stating happened to me a Black Woman" were indeed outrageous to say the least!.

And it's even more heart rendering to go to those who are allegedly involved within the civil rights movement and get no where as well because of both non-belife, and the fact that many have become tools of those who are conducting illegal operations within the City and it's Suburbs.

The Laws go depending if you are clouted and without this you have nothing at all and indeed how can we feel that children need to be respectful and responsible when all the adults around them are doing everything and it seems ok?

This is a statement of how I feel about the things that have cause our country to fall. Because of the corruption without any redress. But again when these people become "victims themselves" they will seek us out as they have in the past.

But this time we may just turn away as they have done to us.