Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Knock, Knock, "Is there anyone there to take this call?" Why are Government Officials are not answering the phone when you call to complain...

Well are you ok about Government Officials "NOT DOING THE JOB OF THEY'RE PAID TO DO" which is to service the needs of the public.

And when it comes down to those of us who are whistle blowers they will not take your complaint but if they do, do they really investigate it? Or does your complain end up in pile 13 or is it file 13 in the trash without any one looking into the large amounts of complains which range from theft of property via property tax purchase scams, whistle blowers who saw too much and call in to get help do they investigate or does the pile just sit and wait for a pickup from the trash man, look around in Illinois!
Scandals about The Mayor of the City of Chicago, scandals about the Governor kickbacks, with friends benefiting from aid, money and contracts all violating conflict of interest and because it's Illinois like "Dr.Smith in "Lost in Space" these politician can get away with it and continue for another epislode of drama which spells out to them taking millions of citzens money and walking away with it without any Government "REAL INVESTIGATION" Al Capote was nothing to the robbery within Illinois and the fact no one pays it back is still apart of the way of Chicago..... Tune in today about Corruption in every level of Illinois politic's and the citzens have do where to turn.

The Civil Rights of Blacks in almost gone and they are being robbed of their homes daily, without any venue to report it to.

Today on "WE DON'T HANDLE THIS" OR I DID NOT KNOW THIS WAS HAPPENING... Words to coverup Touting for Clout scams and theft of consumers money on 6pm tonight..