Thursday, June 30, 2005

Medical Malpractice It's are Healh At Risk! Medical Peer Review

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Read these articles some far back and recent please recall most politicans running for office promise to have a better healthcare system but once in these promises go bye, bye, then it seems that Medical Lobbyist backed by Corporations and others involved in the pill making business cause laws to be inacted to prevent big dollar law suits.

So if you don;t have a top of the line insurance company backing you in the hospital you can get what I would alleged the lower grade health services, whereby they will giver procedures y9ou may not need to cover the expense to the hospital for your visit.

The ER Doctors are over worked and can you expect them to me able to determine the cause of your illness with less knowledge of your health than you normal doctor? But again if you do not have a doctor lack having a HMO/PPO coverage plan and or any health insurance at all you are at risk to bad medical and poor healthcare again I am alleging this based on my experience and stories told to me by others who were either in hospitals and outside.

As long as the public does nothing the monster grows and grows while other nations "THINK" we have the best when in effect we here have the same problems as they do and maybe worse. So please read on about Medical Peer reportes on doctors, medical malpractice, all these thing require are voices to be heard.

So go to these articles and read on:

New warnings due for ADHD drugs
By Liz Szabo, USA TODAY
The Food and Drug Administration plans to add new warnings about psychiatric side effects to the label of Concerta and other drugs for attention deficits and hyperactivity, according to documents posted on the FDA Web site and confirmed by the agency.

At a meeting today of the FDA's Pediatric Advisory Committee, officials will discuss safety concerns about Concerta, a form of methylphenidate, the active ingredient in Ritalin and similar medications.

A briefing document about the meeting says the review was prompted by reports of hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, psychotic behavior and aggression among methylphenidate users. Officials note that Concerta's label already lists possible psychiatric side effects but suggests the problems aren't serious or that the drug might only aggravate existing problems.

The Type of Nightmares and What Most Hospitals Have Done ro patient Records this is a older case but what happened to this person medical records.
[Anchorage Daily News, August 8, 1995]

$10,000 REWARD

For information leading to the recovery of the providence hospital medical records of Jacobs Sweet or information leading to the discovery of the person or persons responsible for the loss or destruction of Jacob`s records

Jacob Sweet was born at PROVIDENCE HOSPITAL in Anchorage on January 16, 1986. He was a healthy and normal baby boy. On January 17, 1986, Jacob was circumcised by JAMES NESBITT, M.D., of THE CHILDREN'S CLINIC. On Saturday, January 25, Jacob's parents, Gary and Beverly Sweet, brought Jacob back to the emergency room at PROVIDENCE because he was vomiting and was fussy and the circumcision side was red and swollen. They were met by DANIEL TULIP, M.D., also of THE CHILDREN'S CLINIC. DR. TULIP admitted Jacob to the hospital. Late in the evening of January 26, Jacob suffered a prolonged seizure or "crash" and was transferred to the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit at 2:15 a.m. on Monday, January 27.

Today, Jacob is nine years old and is severely brain damaged. He cannot walk, talk or care for himself in any respect.


The attorneys for the Sweets, listed below, believe that there are persons with knowledge of how records may have become "lost" and would like to speak to anyone with any knowledge regarding Jacob or his "lost" records...

We understand that you may feel pressured not to come forward. All we ask is your complete honesty and your assistance in a matter of extreme importance, not only for Jacob and his family, but also for the medical care of future patients... Payment of all or a portion of the reward is in the good faith discretion of Jacob's attorneys who assure you that you will be treated fairly.

Richard H. Friedman
Friedman, Rubin & White
1227 West Ninth Ave., Suite 201
Anchorage, AK 99501

Mark Alan Johnson
Law Office of Mark Alan Johnson
701 Fifth Ave., Suite 68501
Seattle, WA 98104